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Guys would you be weirded out if a girl did this?

say if you really liked a girl and never had a chance to talk to her, she moved but then moved back in town a year later, you two see each other lock eyes but don't say anything.. few months pass by and she randomly calls you..

Now this is my actual question, would you guys be freaked out if your crush called you EVEN if you didn't give her your number and even if you guys did not speak for a long time.. I don't want him to think im a stalker or anything.. but i feel that I owe it to myself to just tell him, i see him everywhere or people that look like him.. and i just want to tell him and see if this means anything.. I mean for 3 years in high school we had so many chances to say stuff to each other but we didn't.. i am 99 percent sure he liked me.. but im not sure that since i left he hasn't found anyone new.. i mean i saw him about a few months ago he was looking right at me and he had that look on his face like " I miss you" type thing.. (we graduated in 08 btw) then i see this random car that looks EXACTLY like his pull up in my drive way... the doorbell rang for a while lol but i didn't answer it.. but it reminded me of him.. that happened 1 month and a few days ago

so should i just take the risk and call him? and if I do call him what should i say? what happens if his mom, sister or brother pics up??


lol the old friend thing is stupid... we wernt exacally friends lol..

Update 2:

but should i call him or just forget about it?? what should i say?

Update 3:

Ill just say a friend of mine gave me his number haha

Update 4:

I know i was a little starteld and scared.. cause ... i dunno... i didnt know what i would say to him. I know i regret it.. but im not sure if it was him tho.. but my instincs are telling me it was.

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    Duh! call him// :]

    What do you have to lose.

    If his mom or someone answers// its okay.. just ask to talk to him.

    Its not going to hurt anything with you calling him.. if it still end up that you both dont talk thats okay..cuz your use to it.... but if you both DO start talking thats great :]

    Remember.. Beginings are rough// endings are hard..its the middle that counts.

    Git Down Wit Cho Bad Self//<3

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    calling would be the best thing to do if u really want to. He would love it, why wouldnt he, us guys love having the pressures of getting close aliviated by the girl taking action, it rarely happens but when it does it feels good. and when u start talking to him be honest and tell him u were thinking about him- u will come off like a very confident woman and theres nothing sexier...

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    Call Him!

  • ?
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    I Can't tell u his reaction but u should definitely call him

    trust me

    what we don't say changes our lives the most

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  • NAN G
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    Call him - make it a "friendly" phone call and see if he responds the way you want.

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    call him up man, i just want to know how you got his # without talking to him. tell me the trick

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    I would love it if that happened to me. Just call him.


  • Anonymous
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    lol. i agree w/ the 1st answerer. XD

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    call... say it's an old friend

  • lala
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    why didn't you answer? omg

    umm call him and be like hey i had this missed call on my idk or just say whoever gave you the number gave it to you lol

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