how much does it cost to make a site like youtube. from copyright to hiring a web designer.?

I know nothin about web design but have a good idea for a site. what would a round about estimate be from the ground up? from copyrights to hiring a web designer, storage space, getting it up and running? any unseen expenditures? need a number

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    Copyrights are free. Programmers at that level run about $150k/year (and up - and one programmer is NOT going to do it [you couldn't pay me enough for that kind of strain if you owned the US Treasury]). Electricity, web bandwidth, upstream providers, computers, etc., could run into 7 (or even 8) figures/year.

    Any unseen expenditures? Always. Every business has them.

    Figure a minimum, these days, or $10 million startup. If you can't find that kind of capital, forget it.

  • mike
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    1 decade ago

    First you don't need just a web designer (Its not the web design that makes the site its simple, its the complex coding) you need a web programmer and probably more the one. You would have to keep them on hold (as youtube program team only works with the company) to maintain it isn't one day its done its all yours, its a constant update and bug fix they are always saying "scheduled maintenance".

    Actually for the operation time of Youtube to when Google bought them they had investors but they didn't brake profit due to the amount of servers required to keep the site up and running. Some of the youtube team worked at ebay.

    Youtube took a while to take off.

    Its not complicated to make a video site like that, actually its better if you make a niche video site because you won't be able to handle that amount of people and why should you you don't need 100million people a day (or whatever it is) all you need is like 1million a month and its enough.

    With no investors and with a small team you will have to hold your big dream back until you start getting there where you do have the money to start something like that. Making a video site doesn't mean it will be a hit or people will visit it there are tons of them now and its competitive on a small scale and only the big get well known.

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    Could be in the millions:

    From hardware (to store the website on), to server farms or disk arrays for storing all the videos, to facilities to house said server farms, server redundancys (protects against server failures and power failures), administration teams to maintain and monitor the facility and equipment, dedicated high speed connection to support massive bandwidth of video streaming to millions of customers, security teams to prevent your site from being attacked, advertisement teams, to the actual web teams. Theres so much more involved, but you get the gist. Also legal and insurances when people post videos that shouldnt be there (illegal activity, underage videos), and then you have a lawsuit from that.

  • we get clients sites up starting at $199 but keep in mind that sites like youtube, myspace, etc. have full time programmers (probably 50+) working around the clock so the cost for that is unimaginable!

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  • Don M
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    1 decade ago

    Several Hundred's of Thousands of dollars a year.

  • 1 decade ago

    A lot, tens of thousands, and if it isn't successful you won't get your money back through advertising

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