How to turn an automatic option of Spybot-search and destroy?

It has come to my attention that after downloading the new version of Spybot search and destroy that when I try to open any of my .avi extension files (basically it is a movie format) by double clicking on the file instead of opening it like I want it to, it automatically scans the file with Spybot. This is true for all of my .avi files. I've told it to open in windows media player when I double click on it, but it's set in stone to scan it with Spybot. I can open it, however, by opening media player and then opening the file. I want to know how to get rid of that option on Spybot because it's really starting to annoy me. I've already looked at the help and FAQ and I can't find anything. Please help.


Did that-that didn't do it. But thanks for the idea

But I did find out how to do it finally off a forum. The best way is to edit the registry areas where that options is stored, then go in to the folder options under advanced and tell that file type, when you double click on it, to open with a certain program giving it the open or play option.

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    you could turn off their real time protection (think it's called tea timer)

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