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rat eats poison, cat eats rat...will the cat die too?

Say a rat/mouse eats some rat/mouse poison then a cat catches the rat/mouse and eats it. Can the cat get sick or die too???


This didnt really happen, its just one of those off the wall questions that popped up in my head.

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    Depending on the amount of poison that the rat ate then, yes it is possible.

  • If the poison has not digested entirely from the rat, the cat can get sick. It depends on the amount left in the rat's stomach after ingestion, and how much is in the rat's system. A cat will likely not die, but can be made sick, depending on the age/health of the cat.

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    It's possible, but the reason rat poison works is because rats can't vomit, so they don't need much. If the cat eats a poison-filled rat, it can vomit to get rid of the poison.

    BUT! If the reason you're asking is because there are people poisoning rats in the area, it is possible your cat can get into the same poison, and that is a much bigger problem.

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    He may not die because the poison has changed it's base chemical make-up once it was digested by the rat. It may not be enough now to kill the cat. But the cat may very well get sick and possibly to the point of needing vet treatment. If you know this happened, you should call the vet right away to get advice on what to do and what symptoms to look out for.

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    Rat eats poison

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    No, the amount of poison needed to kill a mouse is way less than needed to kill a common house cat, however if you stacked a bunch for the rat yes, but if not, your cat will not die, it might get sick, but i recommend sending it to the vet asap weather or not you have doubts of its well being

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    I just lost my 1 yr. old cat. It was actually a stray cat but it got accustomed to us & used to come to my house to eat & drink milk & even sleep at nights. But it also had a fetish 4 eating rats & goes in the evenings to catch a rat. Last Sunday it came home had its food with a little bit of fuss, & its stool was dark black in colour not like it normally did & it was acting strangely. It was not saying meow like it did everyday when it comes. Mum suspected that it had consumed a poisoned rat. It did not sleep also at home. Mummy couldn t do anything becoz she was all alone. The next day I saw it napping in a rickshaw & picked it up but it snarled. I anyways managed to pick her up & take her home. But she didn t move 4 an hour. We tried to contact a vet but all were closed on Sundays. My cat didn t have any food the whole day just used to drink water occasionally. On Monday morning before we could take it to the vet it had passed away. But 1 thing is strange. It is mentioned that poisoning causes bleeding but no such thing happened in my cats case. I am feeling so guilty because I don t have internet connection at home. Otherwise I would have known about activated charcoal & would have been able to save my cat

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    Yes - either very sick or possible death - depends on what type of poison the rat died from.

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    yes..Our pot belly pig died, so I'm sure a cat will too if he eats a poisonous rat

  • yes, they will either get really sick or die! Rat traps are the safest way to go, or get more cats!

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