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Molecular motion in a gas is the minimum possible at?

a. 0 K

b. -273 K

c. 0°F

d. 0°C

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    Absolute zero is the temperature at which molecular motion stops (electrons stop spinning, atoms stop vibration in location). We have not yet reached this temperature. Absolute Zero is based on an absolute scale [so it is not C or D], meaning it starts at 0 and counts ONLY upwards [so it is not B].

    Absolute temperature scales include Kelvin (K) and Rankine (°R). A single °K = °C and a single °R = °F. Their starting locations have just been moved to absolute zero (apr. -273.15°C = 0K).

    Hope you learned something :)

  • Anonymous
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    motion reduces with temperature so -273k or absolute zero is that temp where least (none) motion occurs

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