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Looking for any advice you have on training a golden retriever puppy?

We are getting a golden retriever puppy tonight and was just wondering if any one had any tips or advice for training her? I know the basics, just looking for any personal experience that might help me! Thanks in advance.


Also trying to come up with a name! Any suggestions, in case you didn't figure it our the puppy is a girl! Thanks again!

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    My golden pups were fast learners. Crate training was a Godsend and they both took to it fast. I taught "sit for everything" from day one - dinner, treats, petting, playing, everything. They leaned sit within a day and not to jump very fast. Get lots of chew toys and teach them early that they are the only acceptable things to chew. We have had no chewing problems because we started on it early.

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    My Golden I had was very easy to train, they are very love-able and people friendly.

    They do anything if a reward comes from a human hand.

    They can train all day until you run out of treats!

    A fairly inexpensive online course with videos and stuff about Goldens is below

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    We did treat training with our Golden Retrievers, they were quick learners. They still are learning new tricks now and the are 4 years old.

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    I've had two retrievers and they were a doddle to train. Just kindness and food! They are so eager to please it can bring tears to your eyes to see them trying to work out what you want them to do and being so pleased with themselves when they get it right. Best dogs in the world :-)

    By the way, I always liked Maisie as a name but the rest of the family couldn't agree. How about messing around with her pedigree name until you find something that fits? Our pup's 'proper' name was Moondust May so we called her Dusty.

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