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You all understand that the economy was GREAT under GWB until the Dems took over Congress right?

You all understand that the Democrats GAVE AWAY THE STORE and made us falter with more entitlements...don't you?

OR...was your head in the sand this past decade?

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    Oh really! I hadn't noticed. <smirk>

    Didn't Nancy promise to end all funding for the war as soon as the dems took over? & dont the Dems get almost all the fan/fred buy off money? & didn't nancy close operations & take a vacation when gas popped $4?

    Gotta love these Democrats. They really CARE about the country.

  • Bob O
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    You listen to waaaay too much talk radio. It has become increasingly evident that the blame for our current problems go all the way back to the insane conservative economic policies introduced by saint Ronald Reagan and continued by every administration,including Clinton, ever since. The failure of "trickle down" economics was that it did NOT keep middle class wages high enough to support a real economy. The loosening of credit was used as a way of keeping the economy afloat.The plan could not work forever and the bill came due. Greenspan the bubble-maker just could not create any more.Couple that to unfair trade agreements which resulted in a large number of manufacturing jobs leaving our borders,and a lack of regulations on wall street resulting in GREED. and you can see that conservatism going back almost thirty years is the reason that things are going bad.Your claim that two years of a slight Democratic majority (a notion that you get from the propaganda specialists) could bring about this mess are incompetent,irrelevant and immaterial.

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    Now, I've voted with the GOP since 2000. (Perot before that.)

    You have every right to be angry -- but you're waaaaaay off, here.

    GWB had 8 years to do SOMETHING about manufacturing being done elsewhere -- and Lowe's, Home Depot, Toys R Us, Kohls, etc. etc. SELLING next-to-nothing that's made in the USA. This affects distribution/trucking, marketing, sales, manu. workers, unions, suppliers etc. etc. and was NEVER ADDRESSED at all, across GWB's terms, nor since Obama/Hillary were forced to talk it up. NAFTA is ignored by the media, now. (It's complex, but at its core we lost 100s of Billions here.)

    Your answer is: LOBBYISTS and SPECIAL INTERESTS.

    They ruled under GWB and still. (Fannie & Freddie have "friends".)

    McCain let us ALL down, with his dopey campaign and coming across like a fool since the GOP Convention's "surge". It's NOT the Dems fault in Congress -- we KNOW they're horses' rearends. But, what did GWB do, when the Big 3 etc. asked for BILLIONS? and the GOP Congress etc. ended it? GWB GAVE THEM THE MONEY -- and American Car makers make cars in OTTAWA, GB, Brazil, Mexico etc and US Taxpayers paid the salaries of 10,000s of foreign workers.

    THAT isn't the fault of Pelosi, Reid and the other chuckleheads.

    This, at its core.. is why the economy can't stand the Banking pressures -- which began in seed, in the 90s... but were overlooked by the Administration across 2007 and most of 2008. You think GWB's crowd had no hands in their pockets?

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    That little re write of history is a product of partisan propaganda

    The money system you have been using has been corrupt for close to 100 yrs and fatally flawed -- It has exloded because it was designed to explode

    Bush telling Americans that the economy was fundamentally sound was one of his biggest lies -- yes even bigger that the constant threats of mushroom clouds from Iraq

    Banks lend money on a 9 to 1 ratio and have actually been creating false money by this formula since the early 1900's

    The money system was stolen after a manipulated crash in 1913 which wouldn't have been hard because corruption was already rampant


    This has nothing to do with the partisan politics you want to play

    After the banking industry was taken over their sights were placed on the government and once that was purchased one member at a time the government set about purchasing other governments and bombing the ones that would take the bribes

    You are going down in the same fashion Rome did because your behaving the same way Rome did

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    You do know that you are hopelessly partisan and that you have fallen for the Republican line, right? Democrats didn't do much during that two years, which up until just a little while ago, the Republicans were quick to point out. Now all of a sudden, they are responsible for all the economic woes single handedly because of all that they did to undermine the economy during those two years. Well, which is it?

    I think that this economic mess was a long time coming. And Democrats and Republicans BOTH had a hand in creating it. We can't get out of the mess pointing fingers and making accusations. We need to start to work together to make things better.

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    What I find funny about this whole thing is for the last year, congress has been more concerned about a baseball player who may or may not have taken steroids.

    There are several things going on both here and abroad that they seem to have no concern about.

    Each and every day our country is slipping away, and the answer to it seems to be a monumental spending package, that will have a detrimental effect on our future economy like we have never seen before. Those who are walking in lock step behind Obama, Pelosi and Reed are idiots. These 3 individuals are a cancer to our nation.

    I wish just once, before these people do what they do, they look into the future and see what it will do, long term...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    GWB inherited a budget surplus in excess of $250B when he TOOK the presidency in 2001!

    He went through the surplus like a toddler in a box of Honey-Nut Cheerios and also did everything he could to trash this economy from top to bottom!

    But...I get it...YOUR head has been in the sand in the past decade!'s can come up for air 'cause Pres. Obama is bringing the sweet smell of success back to this entire country!

    Breathe-in deeply!

    That's it; clear all of that Bush-$h!t out of your lungs!

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    Wrong. Want a scapegoat? Greenspan baby. After the dotcom bubble and the recession of 2001, he kept interest rates too low for too long. Even though the economy wasn't particularly strong, there was a huge expansion of credit.

    However, the Dems love affair with Fannie and Freddie certainly didn't help matters.

    And speaking of Dems, Robert Rubin, Bill Clinton's treasury secretary, should probably go to prison for his advocation of using aggressive leveraging and securitization. Bad call, Bobby. Bad Call.

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    ACTUALLY the economy has been failing for over 10 years. Bush isn't to blame. Clearly you are not familiar with what is going on and Obama is what put your heart into politics because it goes WELL beyond Obama and Democrats in congress.

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    Right. And the Bush Regulators looking the other way had nothing to do with it, along with that Republican Congress in the 90s. You're a moron.

  • Anonymous
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    What i have against George Bush is that he did not do enough to put a stop to Fannie and Freddie and cowed in the face of the Democrats . As far back as 2001 the Bush administration sent warnings about problems with both agencies to the Treasury and to Congress both did nothing!! Why didnt Bush go public and put massive pressure on Congress to do something ? It was his golden opportunity to expose the frauds fakes and liars for all to see !

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