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Does anyone know a good place to find a labradoodle?

My mom is allergic to dogs and labradoodles are hypoallergenic but we can't afford a $2000 dog so one less than $300 would be nice.


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    "Labradoodles" are nothing more than an overpriced mutt, the same that you could find at a shelter. In fact! WE HAVE one right now! You want to know why? Because they are not hypoallergenic and they DO shed. Years ago someone decided it might be a good idea to mix the two to produce a non shedding/lab like dog, but they dropped the idea quickly because they saw that the puppies they produced could be anything between a poodle and a lab, personality and appearance. We have a lab/poodle mix that came into our salon that shed worse than any lab I've ever seen, and she was like 3 months old.

    If you want a dog that is better for allergies, look into poodles, bichons, airedales, Irish water Spaniel, etc. AKC has a whole list of dogs that are known to be better for people with allergies. Even then it doesn't guarentee that it will produce no reaction, but your mom should spend time with these dogs to see if it produces a reaction.

    If you are set on a lab/poodle mix, check out petfinder.com. There are HUNDREDS of them on there most of them for under a $300.00 adoption fee.

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    Labradoodles are not hypo allergenic. Some may bother allergy sufferers less, but others are just as bad as any other dog. People who say differently are mistaken. When you mix these two breeds, you do not get a predictable result. I know from experience that the "doodle" non-shed thing is a hoax.

    Some dogs that are less likely to bother allergies are listed on the akc website:


    Check out those breeds and when you find one you like, you may be able to adopt a nice young adult for about $300.

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    ummm try an animal shelter or in the newspaper for breeders but never buy them from dog stores because they will die.Labradoodles are not hypoalergenic here is a list of hypoallergenic dogs.

    The following is a list of dogs considered to be hypoallergenic:

    American Hairless Terrier

    Airedale Terrier


    Bedlington Terrier

    Bichon Frise

    Border Terrier

    Cairn Terrier

    Chinese Crested (hairless)


    Kerry Blue Terrier


    Miniature Schnauzer

    Portuguese Water Dog



    Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

    Spanish Water Dog

    Standard Poodle

    Standard Schnauzer

    Tibetan Terrier

    Toy Poodle

    West Highland White Terrier

    Wirehaired Fox Terrier

    Yorkshire Terrier

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    go to the pounds and shelters and rescues, just because you get a high prices mutt don't mean it is going to do what you want. There is no such thing as a Hypo-allergenic dog and all of the so called doodle dogs are in the least of them. Just because some body breed a lab, or golden with a poodle doesn't mean it wont shed or a person with allergies can be around it. the dog could take the genes from the lab or retrievers of the breeding..

    The best thing is, it to go somewhere that has different dogs and see what she can be around

    And besides what is it your mom is allergic to hair,dander, saliva? or maybe all three, if so no dog will solve problem.

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    Well for one thing there is no such thing - its a cross.

    For another thing they are not hypoallergenic thats a myth because as a cross you could get the coat of a poodle or the sheddiing of a lab

    So dont be ripped off by the puppy farmers that a breeding these dogs.

    There are many muts in rescue - try your local one you never know there maybe the perfect dog for you and your mum in there.

    Please dont support bad breeders.

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    labradoodles are not hypoallergenic, there is a chance you could get one that gets it's hair completely from the lab side and it will shed like crazy, just like a lab. Play it safe, and get a poodle. In either case, look at your local rescue shelter, thousands of unwanted puppies need homes!!

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    Although it's true that some of these hybrids may shed less (hit and miss) they are not "hypoallergenic" at all.

    If you can't afford to pay 2G for a dog, perhaps reconsider. The purchase price is ONLY a small fraction of expenses your dog will require.

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    It is a myth, your mom is going to still have allergy issues. That is what bad breeders say to sell their dogs.

    And the only breeders that produce this kind of dog are the money greedy irresponsible kind... reputable breeders don't breed mutts.

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    Yeah in a shelter.

    by the way a labradoodle is not a hypoallergenic breed,

    Have a look at this site.


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    go to a shelter and you will only have to pay about $100 to adopt the dog.

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