Motion Blur Canon EOS 400d?

I want to achieve this effect and have something in focus as well, for example a person with a motion blur background, hwo do i do this ? IM A NEWBIE so i have no idea :(( PLEASE HELP!!


and i would like to know what mode i should be in? probably tv mode .. since thats where u control the shuttle mode yes? and it should be about f3.5 or lower ?

Update 2:

whoops my bad i ddint mean f3.5 i meant 1/100 etc hahahaa

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    What this is called is PANNING...

    you'll probably want to have the shutter priority mode on and for starters set the shutter to 1/100 or, the idea is to FOLLOW the object with your camera as the shutter is kind of and arcing sweeping motion....

    Its a good Idea to use manual focus...and you want to prepaln this type of shot...good ones aren't easy to get spontaneously.

    SO lets say you want a picture of a biker racer crossing the finish line.

    1. Set your camera up to be manually focused exactly at the finish line and keep it that way.

    2. Now, when you see the bike racer coming...start getting him lined up in your view follow the biker with your camera...and just as he is getting to the focus zone...snap the shutter and continue to follow the biker with the camera in a smooth motion.

    3. If you get it will have a beautifully in focus crisp clear biker, with a blurred background.

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    Rear curtain flash would work very well for this.

    The technique is to use a fairly slow exposure (determined by the ambient light) and just before the shutter closes the flash fires freezing the action.

    The result with someone running, skateboarding or cycling towards you or across the shot would be they would be perfectly exposed and sharp, but the blur recorded by the low shutter speed would be trailing behind them.

    The best mode for this is Av (Aperture Priority) as then you can set the depth of field. Select the aperture to give you a slow shutter speed (plenty of room for experiment here, try for half a second for starters).

    Using a tripod is favorite as the blur lines will be strait, the problem is timing it so the subject is where you want them to be when the flash fires.

    Don't try to pan the shot at first as then you have loads to think about and the results are more miss than hit till you get practiced at it.

    If you use a tripod think about the background as with this technique everything static will be sharp, the only blur you get is their motion blur.


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    Yes, shutter priority. Or manual. But shutter priority and pick the speed you need for the blur to happen. Kinda depends on the speed of the object. Start at 1/60 and work faster or slower from there.

    You'll need to pan with the object you want to keep in focus, and you may need to turn off auto-focus for this. This'll take a bit of practice and effort. If the object is conveniently moving along a set plane, a tripod will help keep your other motion (up, down, etc.) in check.

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    Well, if you would like to, for example, have a person running in focus, and have the background blurred out, it's going to take some practice. I've never done it myself, but all you have to do is keep the focus on the running person, and carefully follow the runner with your camera. The background will be blurred, and the runner will be in focus. It will definitely take a bit of practice to get it right, but that's how it's done. Good luck with it! :D

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    This site will fully explain the technique of panning with your camera. The goal is a sharp subject against a horizontally streaked background.

    You can also show motion by doing the opposite of panning. Mount your camera on a tripod, use f11 and a slow (1/15 sec, 1/30 sec.) shutter speed so your subject will be a blur against a sharp background.

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    If you are to do it in photoshop later on, do this:

    - Take the picture into photoshop

    - Copy the layer with the picture, to create a duplicate

    - Use motion blur on the top layer. Filters-Blur-Motion blur

    - Create a mask on the blurred image. (To create a mask, go down by the layers, and press the button all the way down which is a gray rectangle with a white circle inside it.)

    - Use a normal brush with black or white, and just paint on the mask. This way, you can chose what you will see from the masked layer, and what you can see from the next one. If you brush over something you shouldnt have done, change color, and brush it back!

    Allright? ;)

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