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hi,i want to know if and is a scam?

i've try to search the email if it is a scam but unfortunately i cant find it,this email are looking for a nanny and their phone number are 1(416)5907429 , 1(416)8501011 and 1(877)2427706

hope to here from you soon..thank you

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  • Randy
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    1 decade ago
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    I have a couple of concerns regarding these agencies. When you look at their website they have a revolving list of agencies they are allegedly a member of but none of the icons are linked to the actual agencies. Anyone claiming to be a part of the Toronto Board of Trade or the IAPA and who shows their logo on their site will link that logo to the agency it refers to, not just have them flash up. It doesn't look very reputable to me.

    Also, the North York Chamber of Commerce is a division of the Toronto Board of Trade and has been so since before this website was posted.

    And just what is the "Top Choice Award of Excellence" and who "issues" it?

    Lastly, when you look at the site they list that they are a member of the WYSE or the World Youth Student and Educational Confederation. The website for the WYSE has a membership list ( and this organization is not on it.

    Add that all up and it just screams scam to me, or at least disreputable. If they have contacted you directly or if you have contacted them and then they requested a processing fee or some money to find you a job then I'd stop right now and not go any further.

    Source(s): Common sense and a little digging.
  • Jim B
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    1 decade ago

    I checked the phone numbers which are in the 416 area code, and both of them are working numbers. I called them and got a recorded message for "Elite Care Canada, and Nannies Canada " . ''

    It appears that this is a real company , located in Canada, with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Winnipeg.

    Jim B. Toronto.

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