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books from Hotel????

hallo, everyone .....i am a Hotel trainee in Germany , want to work later in i want to know that what kind of learing materials will be used in HK (in IVE or something like that)

Which book are u using ? Which one would u like to suggest?

Where can i buy those books?

want to know the training between Germany and Hong kong !?

my training take 3 years....around one year go to school(school fee is free), the rest is working in a hotel ( every department)....and i will get paid but little ...

thanks in advance


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    I'm very sorry, Sam. I would like to answer you, I no need to use books to learn because in IVE, tutors will give you the handout to learn...

    So, I can't suggest any books to you even though IVE tutors have recommand text books to us. But those books are very expensive handout is enough.

    I don't understand what do you want to know...I think you want to know how does the proceed of the training in Hong Kong? In Hong Kong, it will according to the educational organization. In IVE, we will go to study on Monday to Friday and take training on Saturday and Sunday.

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    You can go to Page One Bookstore or Cosmos Bookstore to buy the books you desire. They have a wide variety of books for you to choose from.

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