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people differ in eyes colour

Why do people differ in their eyes and hair colour?

blue green brown black for eyes

blonde brown red balck for hair

How to change the eyes colour into what I want?

I don't like my eyes colour is deep brown


Yes, coloured contacts lens might helps, you are right it may be dangerous

Oh I can't do it, it's horrible horrible horrible

How much does it cost by the way?

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    But please be fully aware of that it may hurt your eyes by chance or by your wrong usage.

    By the way, I think deep brown is a kind of beautiful color.

    And your can brighten the color with your always smile~~

    2009-02-20 18:49:45 補充:

    Ha..... I have no idea about how much does it cost.... (since I always wear glasses) And I want to remind you there may some low-class lens with high-class price... @.@

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  • 1 decade ago

    Everyone has eye color There is beauty of suring You think Orientals are with westerners The color is far short of what is expected

    But Orientals will often envy westerners have blue eyes or brown westerners who will appreciate Orientals Have black eyes No matter which kind of eye There is certain beauty

    Say with what is wanted the method to change as for you Except take the contact lenses No method other either

    Otherwise go Have an operation Dye as having the hair dyed (whether whom I joke is it is it can cause deaths to dye to go)

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