Why oh why didn't the people Nominate Ron Paul for the Republican Nomination in 2008?

I looked them all up. Ron Paul is the only honest man and the only true Conservative Republican in 2008. Why did he lost so badly? That McCain guy is more like BUSH than anyone else. I thought most people hated Bush? I guess the Republicans wanted another term.

This is why I supported Ron Paul: http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h32/greygingerca...

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    Honestly the media . It was literally full of misconceptions about Ron Pauls ideas and I see they worked here being many people called his ideas extreme . You had every republican candidate in the media spotlight except Paul . First it was Giuliani ,then Romney, then Huckabee and finally Mccain . Ron Paul who drew the most amount of money (from individuals not special interests like other candidates I might add) was completely ignored or degraded by the media . Now that they have a status quo candidate in the white house he is now a familiar face on CNN and Fox now .But I am sure if he were to run again in 2012 he would be relegated to non-existant once again .

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    I think everyone should change their name to "End The Fed".... Wouldn't that be sweet? (just have different avatars of course)

    Anyway, people didn't nominate Ron Paul because they were skillfully misled by the mainstream media into believing that only McCain stood a chance against the opposition because of his wartime record. They were made fools when they pledged their allegiance with a guy in which the MEDIA SELECTED FOR THEM.

    Not to mention that Ron Paul wasn't even invited to his own party's debate at one point. This along with a ton of other evidence (every 'candidate' was a CFR member) proves that the elections were staged. Giuliani? I mean seriously....who the hell would EVER vote for that moron? He's like Bush's retarded little brother. Yet he was up there as a mere prop giggling and gooing like a little school girl at Ron Paul's revolutionary ideas.....it made me want to punch that bastard in his lisp. Yes, I said 'lisp'.

    Don't forget.... All mainstream media is owned by 5 different companies (Time Warner, GE, Walt Disney, Viacom, and Newscorp) and all 5 have massive defense contracts with the government. To allow Ron Paul to become president and make his massive proposed budget cuts (which would actually happen based on his record), it would be financially detrimental to all 5 companies. So, they wanted to make sure their puppets remained happy with their 6 figure incomes as they continue to preach propaganda on the evening news in support for their governmental interests.

    Source(s): Keep up the support! Keep the rEVOLution going... http://www.campaignforliberty.com/
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    I too, am an older voting Democrat. I liked Ron Paul. He is very conservative, but I thought him honest and sincere and I liked a lot of his policies and ideas. Of course, some things were extreme, but that is why this country has checks and balances. Many people did not take him seriously, however, I really thought he would be a good choice for people who were tired of the same old machine running this country. I am sick of the tired old regular republicans and democrats.

  • People don't know who Ron Paul is because the media doesn't like to talk about him.

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    I am an older voting Democrat who has Republican friends . And honestly there is a big difference between the Neo Con Republican and the the Republican voter over all. Neo Cons are Not honest and they do put profit above Patriotism and Integrity . Which is not truly very Republican after all.

    Ron Paul has integrity and concern for our country . I think Republicans should be careful who they nominate next time .

    This is only my opinion.

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    Romey M, Bush is a idiot

    The reason why Republicans did not nominate Ron Paul, is because he is against what Bush, and Mccain stand for.. Paul had difference beliefs then the GOP. and then they was willing to do everything it took to block him out from the debates. everything Mccain said, about our economy Ron Paul would be against. it's too bad they are close minded. cause they will regret passing on him

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    It would have been the first time I would have voted for a republican if they did! Unfortunately republicans still have the christian coalition running their party. That really is ironic when you consider the fact that there is nothing christian about bush or cheney!

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    If Ron Paul runs in 2012, he will have my vote! If Ron Paul was to have gotten the GOP nomination, it would be totally different right now! There would be no Barry Soetoro. . . Oops! I meant Barack Obama!

    Source(s): It begins today Voter revolt 2010 and 2012!
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    Paul isn't a Republican, he's a Libertarian. In my case we part company on the military perspective.He was a close second for me though. My first and best pick was Mike Huckabee.

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    You said it all in your "question". What in the world makes you believe the republicans wanted an honest man for president. All they wanted was a repeat of the Shrub that would take care of the same big shots that the Shrub did.

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