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what are best universities for international students in uk and usa and australia?

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    Rank University

    1 Australian National University

    2 The University of Sydney

    3 The University of Melbourne

    4 The University of Queensland

    5 The University of New South Wales

    6 Monash University

    7 The University of Western Australia

    8 The University of Adelaide

    9 Macquarie University

    10 RMIT University


    Rank University

    1 University of Oxford

    2 University of Cambridge

    3 Imperial College London

    4 London School of Economics

    5 University of St. Andrews

    6 University of Warwick

    7 University College London

    8 Durham University

    9 The University of York

    10 Bristol University


    Rank University

    1 Harvard University

    2 Princeton University

    3 Yale University

    4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    4 Stanford University

    6 California Institute of Technology

    6 University of Pennsylvania

    8 Columbia University

    8 Duke University

    8 The University of Chicago

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    Yes. Agree with above.

    In Sydney, The University of Sydney.

    In Canberra, Australian National Uni.

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    the best universities in australia are australian national university and university of melbourne. or you could also consider university of sydney which is pretty good too.

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