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how can i cant watch fix news?

how so today i was trying t watch bill o the clown. and i couldnt even watch billlo for more then 1 mintune why is that. and aslo i couldnt watch the sean hammity guy for more then a mintune. like i ruther go to jail for more then 5 years then watch them for an hour. why are they like that does anyone else hate bill o the clown and the sean hammity so much too

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    Fixed news?

    Oh you mean MSNBC,NBC,CBS,ABC,and CNN right?

    Those are the major ones on that like the "news" to say false things and not report the truth!

    If you like to watch shows that do not make you think then do not watch Mr. O'Reilly on a station that shows both sides like Fox News Channel!

    As to you wanting to go to jail by all means if that is what makes you happy then go for it!

  • cantcu
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    I do!

    Also CNN is getting into the business of making news up when they know better and I am getting sick of them as well!

    Why do you have to lie to make up a story? All you do is hurt people!

  • Anonymous
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    " I'd ruther go to jail"

    Maybe you should just settle for going to a school

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