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is it safe to delete the items in my "shared" folder?

i have a shared folder on my mac of music i downloaded and all of that music is in my itunes. it's taking up so much space, is it safe to delete the contents in that folder? will my music be safe and stay in my itunes? thanks!

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    Shared is just a folder that you can put files in so other users can access them. So you should be safe to delete files from there.

    The question is do you have itunes set to copy the files to your library... Try this... delete one song and see if it still plays in itunes... if it does then you should be safe to delete them, if not then just restore it from the trash

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    Hello ,

    Be sure the items are saved to "My Documents" or "My Music" or where ever you have them and others saved . Then deleting is safe and okay . Be sure do disable Sharing when not sharing . Enableing File Sharing and Folder Sharing is a Security Risk .

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    It depends if the other people on the computer want the files in the shared folder. If they wants the files dont delete it. If they dont then it is safe,

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    as long as shared folder doesn't hold soft ware program be careful not to delete you might want to do it one by one! good luck!

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    By all means,

    to test delete one and see what happens.

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