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which basketball player name would u name for ur child?

i'll name my son: kobe bryant michael jordan lebron james JR.

(thats the whole name.)

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    Johnny Fred Duncan Kobe LeBrick Pau Yao Bibby Redd Tony Spurs Raptor Larry Bills Walton Charles Bonner Nene T Mac Dumars Jordan Pyscho Lamar Farmar Bowen Mahorn Kerr Stevie Madden Malone Moses Karl Rip Josh Prince Thomas Etian Kwame Brownie Koolaid Sickwitit Professor Manu Maxiell Lamarcus Bulls Sonny Russell Matt Iceman Superman Pop Jackson Hill Grant, Crabdribble, Jr.

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    i'll name my son: kobe bryant michael jordan lebron james JR. TOO!!!

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    My 8 year old is named Jalen after Jalen Rose and my 2 year old is named Tyler after Tyler Hansbrough, lol.

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    Kobe is a pretty cool name. But if i had one player to be named after i would chose. um......... OJ

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  • 1 decade ago

    OJ, i like the name and you have a futur hall of famer with that name

  • Longar Longar

    lol no jk


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    shaq allen iverson micheal jordan junior

  • Diesel
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    1 decade ago


    and if its a girl

    Tracy (mcgrady)

  • 1 decade ago

    bill russell

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