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french commands using y et en?

i'm confused about some notes I took in french class. We're learning about commands and I have written down the sentence "tu en parle" followed by "parle-lui/parles-en." It's supposed to be a rule for sentences that use "y" or "en", but i have no idea what it means. any thoughts?

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    En = ¿from where? To replace DE, DE LA, DU, DES DE'L

    Y = ¿where to? ¿where? To replace à, à la, au, dans, sur, en, chez.

    Je vais chez toi

    J'y vais

    Je viens de la maison

    J'en viens.

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    It isn't clever in any respect to place up a request for a undeniable point of French with the help of having OTHERS translate what you opt to jot down!! i do no longer understand what the "numbers" are which you're soliciting for, yet while that's for placement in a French direction or for professional certification, i decide directly to advise which you think of approximately this lower back, because of the fact placement at a point that's purely too stepped forward for you would be very confusing for you.

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