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Is AP Physics C and AP Human geography hard?


i want to get into MIT. why is AP physics hard?

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    AP physics is hard b/c unlike most classes it's not just about studying & knowing the material. you then have to apply the concepts in order to solve the problem (that's the hardest part). if you want to get into MIT, you have to be the type who enjoys problem solving, & be up for the task.

    i took AP physics as well & i always thought of it as the worst decision of my life until i entered college (i'm a freshman). i'll admit physics is even harder for college but unlike most students i'm better prepared for the exams b/c i'm very disciplined with ap physics & i have a lot more prior knowledge.

    i don't know much about ap human geography, but it's obviously easier. best of luck.

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    ap pysics c is (very very hard)

    for an easier one, take ap physics b, or just pre physics. in my school you dont even have to take it, you can just go straight to ap bio or chem or environmental science

    and human isnt

    im thinking of taking human geo. too, since it does get you college credits and its only 1 semester. it might be different for you though, because i kno the human geo teacher and hes pretty laid back.

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