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Is there an x-men 4 coming out?

i love the x-men movies and i was hoping they would make an x-men 4. if it s coming out when?

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    technically no, but they're saying X-Men Origins: Wolverine is part 4. Technically yes b/c they had baby Storm in the clip (now cut but might make it to DVD) and Emma Frost. That's just them wanting to make money off of it b/c everyoen wants to see X-Men 4. Halle said she'd do it, I'm sure Patrick Stewart would come back and Shawn Ashmore wants his ice slide. I wanna see Emma Frost (evil version) so, ....

    I think they said it's very expensive and the problem is X-Men hasn't made enough profit to get one. I mean it's just hiighhhh numbers (cost) vs. getting the money back plus some. It's not like Twilight that cost 32 million and has sold over 300 million ya know. But those fools should do like Harry Potter and keep the sets so it's cheaper to make the movie.

    Anyway if Wolverine does well there's an X-Men with little kids (so some characters might be new, some characters might be teachers, etc) that's hinted in the end of X-Men Last Stand movie, b/c Wolverine was teaching new kids in the Danger Room and one of the kids was a smart allec with cards and red eyes (was somethin like that, which hinted it was GAMBIT).

    AFter that then there could be X-Men 4. (script's been written I think but they're waiting to see how Wolverine does. Magneto is on hault too. But honestly would you wanna see a Magneto movie vs. a Gambit or Storm movie? doubt it) The benefits to that is hopefully Marvel Studios will fund it (didn't they realize how good Iron Man was when it stuck to the comics or Spiderman) so it can be more fantasy instead of that bogus BOGUS REALISM/watered down version of it. X-Men 3 did well b/c it got more comic book like/fantasy like. So there's already a lot of people that are familiar with X-Men 1-3 so part 4 would do well on that basis if the movie was done right. I think they don't wanna be like Fantastic Four, but technically FF2 still made a profit even though it was smaller than the first one. I think that's mostly b/c they didn't put that GAlactus dude at the end (which I get, but that was dumb to not have him. I heard what the director said, whether that's a bogus statemen and he was forced to not have it, who knows. I think Brett was forced not to have PHoenix rising or the bird effect to but ya know...) I'm telling you for easy stuff like that you can make 100 million more easy but people gotta be stupid. "I didnt' see the point of having a fire bird," said Brett. STUPID. At least do it for the dvd if you really didn't have the time.

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    I believe they are making a bunch of X-men movies that center on specific characters, like giving them a backstory and what happened before the first movie and what not.

    Their first movie of this franchise, X-Men Origins: Wolverine ( is centered on the X-man character Wolverine.

    After the Wolverine movie, they're doing X Men Origins: Magneto.

    The Wolverine movie is being released on May 1st of this year.

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    all i know is that now they are doing x-men origins: wolverine, then they are going to do x-men origins: Magneto.

    i haven't heard much about number 4 yet

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    yes called X-Men Origins: Wolverine here is preview

    Youtube thumbnail

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    they are making x-men: the first class. they haven't revealed the plot yet though

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