I heard that David Archuleta has a brand new song?

I heard that David Archuleta is singing a new version of a song from the 50's called "Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette," with Victoria Beckham (formerly Posh Spice) as a back-up singer/dancer. Does anyone know this to be true? After reading the lyrics to that song, I can't see David singing it, but I guess stranger things have happened!

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    That is completely a rumor! Vicktoria Beckham and David Archeuleta will probably never to a duet. Also David is young and sings songs about having crushes on people not smoking lol. It would be a little fun if that really happened though lol. But it's a rumor sorry. His newest song is "A Little Too Not Over You" it's pretty good!

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    I think you may have posted this question twice because I know I answered it once.


    But he does have a new song "Let's Talk About Love" - the song was written for BuildABear by Tena Carter, for BaB's Love Hugs Peace campaign and Save the Children donation drive. The CEO heard and met David on the Today Show and chose him to be the first to record the song. You can hear it on YouTube (the one with MV in the title is a Behind the Scenes video too).

    And around Feb 25th I am hoping someone uploads at least a clip of Save The Day, a song in the track list of Japan's version of David's CD.

  • No that isn't true.

    But he does have a different song that was written for build-a-bear. It is called "lets talk about love"

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    A Little Too Not Over You" is his newest song.

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