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police scanner and ohio state patrol?

can any one find a web site with the frequencies for the ohio state patrol

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    Just found them by googling for `Ohio police scanner' and `Ohio state patrol scanner', and there's more pages to look at too if those aren't right.

    I don't live in Ohio, but here in Austin, Texas the police have moved to a digital trunking system that requires special scanners to pick up -- and they cost $400 and up. (Suitable models include the Radio Shack PRO-96 and PRO-2096.) On the bright side, most of their transmissions aren't encrypted, so with the right gear, you can listen to them. On the down side, they use computers for a lot of things now, and those communications ARE encrypted, so you won't be able to hear people's rap sheets and such over the scanner, as that's usually done over the computer now.)

    Looking at the first link I gave, it looks like they currently use a standard FM system that you can listen to with almost any scanner, but they, like most other places, either have moved (sometimes these sites are out of date) or will move to a digital system.

    The first link gives these frequencies --

    Law Enforcement Emergency Radio Network

    154.93500 BM CSQ 1 LEERN 1 FM Interop

    154.68000 BM CSQ 2 LEERN 2 FM Interop

    155.37000 BM CSQ 3 State Band (Intercity) FM Interop

    155.47500 BM CSQ 4 Nationwide FM Interop

    OSP Vehicle Mobile Repeater Extenders

    Frequency License Type Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag

    465.37500 KA2351 M OSP MRE Vehicle MRE FM Law Tac

    465.42500 KA2351 M OSP MRE N Vehicle MRE North FM Law Tac

    465.52500 KA2351 M OSP MRE CEN Vehicle MRE Central FM Law Tac

    465.55000 KA2351 M OSP MRE S Vehicle MRE South FM Law Tac

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    Source(s): Criminal Records Search Database :
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    OSP uses the MARCS, 800 MHz Trunked Digital scanner.

    You will need any of the following:

    BC996, 396, PSR500, PSR600, Pro2096, Pro96 to monitor.

    Expect to pay ~ $400-500 depending on sales.

    For more info go to your local sources:

    Source(s): radio system designer and builder
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