Who is Amos Fortune what did he do for a living?

im doign A quick little project on Amos Fortune i need to know hat kind of work he did im stuck im need to know hat he did for a living i know he was a Christain, and was a African Prince


What did he do for a living

Update 2:

What wa shis life like and I now know he was a tanner and please pos tyour resources so i can check the website

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    mos Fortune (born c. 1710 died 1801) was a prominent African-American citizen of Jaffrey, New Hampshire in the 1700s. Born free in Africa and brought to America as a slave, Fortune purchased his freedom at the age of sixty and moved to Jaffrey to start a tanning business. Documents now archived at the Jaffrey Public Library testify to his literacy, community position, and financial success. His life provided the basis for Elizabeth Yates's children's book "Amos Fortune, Free Man."

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