Will I get in Ivy League College with those classes, extracullicular activities and Sports?

9th Grade

- Civilizations & CUltures: Honors English I-----B

- Civilizations & CUltures: Honors Civics & Economics----A

- Algebra I----A

- H Geometry----A

- H Biology-----A

- Spanish I-----B

- Healthful Living I----B

- Healthful Living II----A

- Sports Medicine I---B

- Sports Medicine II---A


Honors Algebra II

10th Grade

-Honors English II

- AP World History

- AP European History

- AP Psychology

- Honors Chemistry

- AP Enviromental Science

- AP Calculus AB( I am skipping Pre-Calculus)

- Spanish II


-AP Physics C( Harvard Summer Secondary School)

- Honors Spanish III

11th Grade

-AP English III

-IB History of Americas

-IB Theory of Knowledge

- HL IB Physics

- AP Chemistry

- AP Calculus BC

- AP Statistics

- Honors Spanish IV

12th Grade

-AP English IV

- IB Twentieth Century World Topics

- IB Theory Of Knowledge

- AP Economics

- AP Biology

- Honors Anatomy & Physiology

- Calculus III

- Differential Equations

- AP Spanish Language

Other things

- I am IB Diploma Candidate

- Medical and Bioscience Academy(9th-12th)( I am doing a lot of internships over the summer

- Science Olympiad JV(9th), Varsity(10th-12th)

- Quiz Bowl(10th-12th)

- National Honors Society(10th-12th)

- Key Club(10th-12th)

- Beta Club(10th-12th)

- Red Cross Club(10th-12th)

- Model United Nations(10th,12th)

- Spanish Club(11th-12th)

-Harvard Summer School 2010

- MIT Research Science Instittue 2011

-Math Olympiads(11th-12th)-like AMC 10,12

- INTEL ISEF(10th-12th)

- Siemens Competition(11th-12th)

- Track Varsity(9th-12th)

- Soccer JV(10th), Varsity(11th-12th)

- Cross Country(11th-12th)

Unweighted GPA- 3.91

Weighted GPA- 5.35

SAT Math-800

SAT Reading-760

SAT Writing-760

I Want to to get in Harvard, Princeton, Stanford or Duke. Is this good resume?

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    i think youll easily get in

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes but, for god's sake, don't skip pre-calculus to get ahead in the math curriculum! Unless you already did that. I'm confused- what point are you in during high school? Anyways, why take courses over the summer? Why skip a whole math course, which is ridiculous, and be in a class with people much older than you? I don't even think you can do that, and I don't recommend it. If you were meant to be that far ahead in math, you would have done geometry in middle school.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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