Java, .NET or Python?

I am a web developer with front-end programming skills. I know ActionScript and HTML, CSS. I am studying other stuff like Ajax, etc. But I am going to take a class to learn web applications languages. I don't know which language to study and then teach myself the other two. I know .NET focuses on C# and Perl is still out there. Just wondering what the trend looks like in the future.

What is your recommendation? I'd like to take a class in the "hard one" and study the rest on my own.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There is more legacy code in java than the others, thus more professionals in java. When you can read other people's code, I guess you have attained the hard part. Trend??? I expect in 20 years a whole new language written with Simplified Madarin characters in vertical columns, arranged right to left, to gain exclusive technical advantage.

    I expect your web app class is java.

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    It depends on the ASP language. If your using C# its easier to learn up front but harder to maintain and develop in the end. Whereas Java is the opposite. They both have extensive API support, but Java has proved to be the true portable language. C# has meta data and Java doesn't, Java swing is better than Windows forms. There is so much stuff to compare. Most programmers are happy to learn the 'easy' one first in this case. They both powerful and being used in computing world. Not sure about Python, I wouldn't choose it over either of the aforementioned.

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    How about attending stanford university's courses online?

    cs106a programming methodology

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    cs106b programming abstractions

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    These are the first lectures in each course. The first seems to concentrate on Java and the second on C++ though both say they are teaching programming per se and not java or C++ is self explanatory

    If it has to be one of the 3 in the title then Java is the one to take the class in.

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