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Why are Horror Movies Ignored at Awards Show?

is it becasue People Dont Look at Them as Award Winning type of movies

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    Same reason sci-fi isn't considered deep literature.

    Popularity of various forms of arts changes over the season. Macbeth for example was bloody, and twisted, Practically a horror movie in play form, but that was then. The current trend is epic drama's. Personally I don't think most horror movies are good enough to win awards, but some are. Silent Hill to me was good enough to win an award. It was deep, had biblical refrences, good acting, and excellent special effects, but people dont see that. They see a "dumb horror movie" because all they see is the shock value and dont understand the plot which can also be said about many drama's now days as well. The only good movie story lines i've seen lately are based on old books (harry potter excluded. Only good new book series/movie i've seen).

    Just wait. Eventually the trends will change and people will want plot + horror and then you'll see a resurgence of good horror movies. Maybe then theyll get some attention.

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    Typically horror movies are not taken seriously for awards because they typically are not good enough (especially most made today) and dont fit the accepted criteria for awards. Horror movies are often made with young unproven actors writers and directors and for really low budgets. Horror movies have long been seen as kind of a stepping stone into movies for young actors and filmmakers. Horror movies are made for profit, studios know that even with little effort and talent most can make a decent profit because the genre is popular, especially with young moviegoers.

    But some horror movies have had award success, but this is mainly do to heavy star power and filmmaking talent who choose to make a horror film, which is rare. Some examples:

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931) - 2 Oscar noms, 1 win

    Rosemary's Baby (1968) - 2 Oscar noms with 1 win and many more noms in other groups

    The Exorcist (1973) - 10 Oscar noms including Best Picture with 2 wins

    The Omen (1976) - won on Oscar, many other noms from other groups

    Dracula (1992) - 4 Oscar noms, 3 wins

    And other movies some people consider horror movies have been nominated:


    The Fly


    The Silence of the Lambs

    The Sixth Sense

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    I love horror movies, i been watching them as long as i can remember.

    I think the reason behind horror movies ignored at Awards is that the horror movies lost the thrill. Today horror movies usually have a terrible storyline, just bloody and gore, or wrong actors/actress picked for them. I like the older horror movies that had thrill to them. Today, its just blood and gore.

    For example Saw, first movie, interesting idea to it. Rest of the saw movies, pretty much the same has the first 1, i started getting bored and feel sleep, just blood and gore, nothing worth of an award for.

    I pretty much saw hostel the same way.

    I do have my hope up for the remake of Nightmare on elm st, from what i have been reading, they are bringing some of the thrill back. The nightmares will be more thrilling, physiological, rather than just blood and gore. I am sure they will still have their share of blood and gore.

    I havent seen the new Jason remake, i have no opinion on it.

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    I think it's because all the horror films made now aren't worth winning any awards... there are no really good story lines... don't get me wrong, i'm a massive horror fan... but they're more or less all the same now, a load of people getting killed off one after the other.

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    Most horror films are of very poor quality comparatively. Although Silence of the Lambs did win numerous awards including picture, actor, actress and director. The run of the mill horror films that are released each year, such as Saw or Friday the Thirteenth, are poorly written, poorly directed and poorly acted. The makers of those films are not making them for mainstream awards; they are going for chock value and big box office.

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    Alot of ppl don't watch scary movies! So, I guess that's why they don't do them or cause alot of them don't have very good plots!

    I personally think they need to start adding Horror to the Award Shows, cause Horror is coming back, better then ever!

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    Basically yes, they usually don't have really deep plots and a lot of people won't watch "scary" movies. Some people are morally opposed to scary movies, which is also a big factor.

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    Maybe not the ones you've seen. A lot of horror movies have been bad lately.

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    because theyre stupid and arent that good and arent that important or popular

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