What does American exceptionalism mean?

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    American exceptionalism (def. "exceptionalism") refers to the controversial[1] theory that the United States occupies a special niche among developed nations[2] in terms of its national credo, historical evolution, political and religious institutions and unique origins. The roots of the term are attributed to Alexis de Tocqueville,[3] who noted that the then-50-year-old United States held a special place among nations, because it was a country of immigrants and the first modern democracy. The term itself did not emerge until after World War II[4] when it was embraced by neoconservative[5] pundits. Research shows that "there is some indication for American exceptionalism among the [U.S.] public, but very little evidence of unilateral attitudes".[6]

    The theory of American exceptionalism has a number of opponents, especially from the Left.[7][8] They argue that the belief is "self-serving and jingoistic" (pointing out slavery and civil rights issues),[9][10][11][12] that it is based on a myth,and that "[t]here is a growing refusal to accept" the idea of exceptionalism both nationally and internationally.U.S. historians like Thomas Bender also "try and put an end to the recent revival of American exceptionalism, a defect he esteems to be inherited from the Cold War". G. W. Reichard and Ted Dickson argue[26] "how the development of the United States has always depended on its transactions with other nations for commodities, cultural values and populations", while Joseph Lepgold and Timothy McKeown "demonstrate that there is little or no basis to the claims that US foreign policy has differed greatly from that of other large nations".

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    American exceptionalism is in accordance with how unique the u . s . a . is as compared to different countries. the US became depending on the regulations of the enlightenment. The structure common a authorities the position no individual individual or branch ought to dominate the imperative authorities. between the most radical thoughts of our founding became the idea of organic rights; rights derived from God that are innate in everyone, not situation to the whims of authorities. examine the bill of rights; none of them state that the persons have the right to do something, it says the right of should not be infringed or interfered with. This u . s ., by skill of elimination of any variety of peerage gadget, defined all (on the time resources possessing white men, now everybody) human beings as being equivalent in status; that no individual is entitled to something except their innate rights. nevertheless to this present day, our ethos is depending on the supremacy of the guy; that each and each one rights, even those that at times must be risky to self or society, word to the guy and by no skill the persons. This idea of individualism, as Stalin stated even as he coined the time period, became and is risky to any common collective; being that the guy correct to do something, no matter if unpopular with a set or a society, is superior to the right of the numerous. Our society and lifestyle, even to this present day, in accordance with own freedom, stands in stark comparison to the different u . s .. that is why the u . s . a . is perfect.

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