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Traveling to Venezuela?

How was the experience like going there?

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    I am Venezuelan :) and venezuela is a BEAUTIFUL country!!

    i recommend u to go to: Los Roques - absolutely gorgeous beaches!

    Margarita Island- Great shopping, parties all day long, GREAT PEOPLE, spectacular beaches!!

    Also try Puerto la Cruz in the state of Anzoategui!!

    CARACAS (not caracus) is a big city, its great for partying and learning historical events in Venezuela, and if you go their be sure to visit "el avila!" !!!

    If you are on the adventerous side then u should definatly go toooo La Gran Sabana! Its beautiful.!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can find "El Salto Angel" there!!

    Also go to Merida!! :D!!!

    Venezuela is a great country in despite of its political issues!! And besides u'll find really great ppl here :]

    i am soo proud of my country lol!!

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    I visited Caracus many years ago and there weren't any problems there at the time. My friend and I even got the cab driver to go to a liquor store and buy us some beer (which we paid him to do). The people seemed friendly and the shopping was good. Weather was nice and warm. I saw the statue of Simon Bolivar and took a picture by it. There were many young, good looking Venezuelan men looking at me.

    Source(s): Travelled to Caracus
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