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corruption in america?

i need to write a five page paper on corruption in america. i dont know where to start any names of people i could use to get started? or anything corrupt in our government....

thanx =)

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    look, start first with the oldest recorded corruption in the USA, do research on the connections of the federal reserve system to bankers who pushed for it, research how the great depression was manipulated by them and the media was the main accomplice.

    then go on research the wars we were involved in, like the spanish-american war, how it started, with the "uss maine" supposedly hit a spaniard mine off the coast of cuba, but in reality it was a false flag operation, research false flag operations, the unclassified documents of operation northwoods, the korean war was also started with a false flag operation, then go on and research the biggest fraud, "the federal reserve" make a point that there is no law that requires you to pay income tax, that your labor is your property and no one should tax it, that there are taxes to fund everything already, research how we're basically slaves because the federal reserve system works like this:

    print money out of thin air at an interest for every X dollars, who pays that interest? more money printed, so its not a system to get out of debt but to create more and more debt.

    thats the main one, also research the 2 party fraud, the media ownerships, the war against drugs, terrorism, corporate lobbyists, you can pretty much go from there.

    check out Ron Paul's results from early on, check out how the media reacted to him, but listen to what he said, and see that we have no change what so ever with obama, its always the same, The media sold us obama with his promise on change, but the only one that was going to change things was Ron Paul.

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    We could expose the Corruption - but the Corrupt people OWN the Media!

    Obama Stimulus Saves Microsoft Billionaire Hundreds Of Millions

    Who are the wealthiest Americans?

    From the 2003 Forbes list of the world’s richest people, the four most wealthy Americans were Democrats:

    1. Bill Gates: Democrat

    2. Warren Buffet: Democrat

    3. Karl & Theo Albrecht: N/A (German citizens)

    4. Paul Allen: Democrat

    5. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud: N/A (Saudi citizen)

    6. Lawrence Ellison: Democrat


    * The Democratic Party is the party for rich fat-cats

    * The Republican Party is the party for the working man.

    The Top Ten

    1. William H Gates III

    2. Warren E Buffett

    3. Karl & Theo Albrecht

    4. Paul G Allen

    5. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud

    6. Lawrence J Ellison

    7. Alice L Walton

    8. Helen R Walton

    9. Jim C Walton

    10. John T Walton

    Also you could investigate the most powerful man in Washington - Mob Boss Rahm Emanuel

    Man behind curtain is wizard of Rod, Rahm

    Emanuel Was Director Of Freddie Mac During Scandal

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    Open any American history book and read it. Our country was born on corruption everywhere from the taking of lands from the Indians to the current mess in Washington DC. Don't forget the Unions.

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    It feels like your eyes at the instant are not seeing all. the two that, or you reside in yet another usa and have no clue approximately regulation enforcement over right here. maximum human beings of regulation enforcement workers at the instant are not basic-working, committed people who love what they are doing. as quickly as in awhile there could be a corrupt cop interior the bunch, even though that's no longer the "norm". I even have friends who're cops. i became additionally married to one. None of them could have customary a bribe to enable a decrease than the effect of alcohol motive force bypass. all of them had greater integrity than that. Now, in case you have been caught skateboarding on the sidewalk in a limited area, and provided a bribe of 10 million funds to no longer get ticketed, that must be a distinctive tale. i'm greater worried approximately corruption interior the better styles of government, and in enormous employer than corrupt law enforcement officers.

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    Start with corrupt of morals.

    or corruption of the government's role in Federalism ideals.

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    pick any President in the last 50 years, they were all corrupt. the whole govt is corrupt today and it is because the ppl in this country have not been doing their job, you know like paying attention and voting.

    thanks for the laugh though.

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    The most corrupt organization in the US is clearly the church...

    The other issues is that high ranking public service doesn't require you to actually be intelligent.

    Going to be president, damn it, take an IQ test.

    Money and Religion are truly the main evils in the world.

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    Barack Hussein Obama

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