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I've had a cold...any ideas about these sinuses?????

Okay so i've been battling a cold for a couple of weeks. The past two days have been better though. Less fever, nausea...blah blah blah. I can;t however, seem to be rid of this sinus thing going on. I am coughing some still. (when I cough, I cough up mucus). The most annoying thing is the runny nose. It won't stop. It alternates between being bright green and clear. It is very excessive, almost consistently not stopping throughout the day. This morning my throat started to hurt as well as my ear.(only on the left side). Any ideas???????? Please don't just say "go to a doctor". I know that. Thanks:)

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    Oh my goodness, I had probs with bronchitis, throat, and major sinus issues for almost my whole life until I was 22 years old (I'm 26 now). As a teenager I honestly have even tried to eat Franks Red hot sauce and wasabi on crackers to see if I could get my sinuses to run so I could blow as much of that mucous out as possible. I finally got so annoyed I picked up a book on natural health and started eating natural foods (no processed) and eventually went down a road to cure these annoying problems I was having.

    I went to a naturopath to see what he said and he

    -put me on a yeast cleanse program which lasted a month (methods vary- this one involved taking very strong oregano pills to kill yeast and then a while later to replace the killed good bacteria with some other good bacteria.. I did this a few times a day.

    -He also suggested I buy this large syringe (I think it was called Nasaline) that I would put a bit of goldenseal or oregano in water and salt and inject it into my nasal cavity.

    I stopped drinking milk and other dairy because my mucous was still driving me crazy, and my post nasal drip has definitely decreased.

    It took at least half a year for things to get much better.. and I discovered an infection in my throat that no one, not even my naturopath or dentist or the other numerous docs I've seen had found. I was noticing a horrible taste in my mouth after everything was clearing up and finally in frustration grabbed a flashlight and a cotton swab and looked at my tonsils. I pushed on them and these little balls of probably puss/decaying protein popped out. At least I would say three hundred over a period of months came out. I seriously think this was due to my post nasal drip and little bits of food I've eaten getting stuck in the numerous throat infections that were so bad and my tonsil cavities are deep enough that I need to clean them myself or they will incubate infection.

    Now I take oregano oil once in a while under my tongue to help my system, or sometimes a few drops of colloidal silver. I also avoid milk products for the most part (unless I'm pregnant or if it's yogurt or a special occasion), and I keep checking my tonsils a few times a month to make sure they are still clean.

    Everything for the past 4 years has been looking up! :)

    So all in all, it was at least a one year struggle to clear my body of all these infections. It was hard! I did many cleanses and tried many things- I know my body works different than others so I had to really acquaint myself with my body and I learned so much about what its sensitivities and weak spots are.

    Sleep is also a major determinant in if I get a cold etc and how effectively I fight it off.

    Nowadays, I RARELY get sick. It's so exciting!

    And about going to the doc, I went to the doctor all the time with my chronic problems before I decided to find a cure for myself. All they did was tell me to drink water or sleep or prescribe me antibiotics. I have NEVER cured a problem from a western med doctor.. sure they have the skills we need when we need a hand reattached or a pregnancy monitored, but honestly... a doc's office isn't the place to really necessarily be when you are sick with these common mundane ailments.

    ps, if I start to feel slightly under the weather, sometimes I go and buy this juice from the Knudsen's company.. it has lemon, ginger and echinacea in it. I'll chug the whole thing and it does wonders as a little boost.

    EDIT: Nasaline is actually alot like the neti pot.. the neti pot is more gentle and it's naturally gravity washing through the nasal area... where as nasaline actually is pushed into the nasal area :)

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    The others have a couple good ideas of what foods to avoid to prevent it from getting worse, but if you'd like to get help to fight it, you could try using a Neti Pot. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this yet, but you can get it in most drug stores or health food stores... it kind of looks like a small watering pot for plants. What you do is put a Saline solution (a 1% salt water solution... it's easy to make) in it, tip your head sideways over the sink, and pour the solution into one nostril so it can pour out the other.

    It takes a few tries to get used to, but if you use it once a day, the salt water helps to clean and nourish your sinus cavities and actually helps to keep sinus problems away if it's used daily.

    Like I said, it seems weird and threw me off when I first heard about it, but my mom and step dad use one with great benefits, my mom has MUCH less problems with her allergies now that she uses it, and they've even gotten some of their friends to use a Neti Pot with the same results. Good luck and I hope I helped!

    Source(s): Personal experience and personal research in my role as a Product Specialist for a vitamin company (we carry Neti Pots)
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    aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh chooo,,,,,got the same thing,,,this might help,,,,,,,,,,,dairy,,,,,,,,yeast,pops,,gooey sweet rolls,even whole grain no preservative snacky wackies oft contain,yeast,corn syrup,,,,corn flour,nuts,peanuts,these are common allergens that inflame mucus membranes,,knock them out,,,sinusitis has 2 components,,,,,,,,reactivity to fungii,yeast,candida albicans,which cause swelling to ear,nasal membranes,which then trap and hold bacteria,,which then multiply to the point of infection,,,,docs treat the second problem and ignore the first,,,,anti fungals can help the first,,,,amoxicillin works on the second one,,,,docs who treat both are called clinical ecologists,are mds,dentists,poediatricians who intern 2 or three yrs at American academy of environmental medicine. in kansas city missouri

    Source(s): mainstream docs are idiotic for not recognizing efficacy of the above techniques,ecologist mds need to share titrated formulae with hew,and mainstreamers in the patients interest,i bet the both these medical practices would not welcome national health insurance,,they might be compelled to share info on specialty,get their fees determined by govt,or quit the profession,their techniques ought to be made available to ordinary factory folks and walmart stockers,
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