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Who have been some of the worst U.S. presidents, and why?

From what I've learned, some of the not-so-good presidents have been Warren G. Harding and Ulysses S. Grant,George W Bush because they, on the other hand, weren't always choosing what was best for this country, and made some poor decisions.

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    I'm not including George W. Bush in this, because we all know what a sad old man he is and how he was in office.

    Top 10 Worst Presidents

    1. James Buchanan (1857-1861)

    He refused to challenge either the spread of slavery or the growing bloc of states that became the Confederacy.

    2. Warren G. Harding (1921-1923)

    He was an ineffectual and indecisive leader who played poker while his friends plundered the U.S. treasury.

    3. Andrew Johnson (1865-1869)

    He survived impeachment after opposing Reconstruction initiatives including the 14th amendment.

    4. Franklin Pierce (1853-1857)

    His fervor for expanding the borders--thereby adding several slave states--helped set the stage for the Civil War.

    5. Millard Fillmore (1850-1853)

    He backed the Compromise of 1850 that delayed the Southern secession by allowing slavery to spread.

    6. John Tyler (1841-1845)

    He was a stalwart defender of slavery who abandoned his party's platform once he was president.

    7. Ulysses S. Grant (1869-1877)

    Serving right after Johnson, he presided over an outbreak of graft and corruption, but had good intentions.

    8. William Harrison (1841)

    He was president for all of 30 days after contracting pneumonia during his interminable inaugural.

    9. (tie) Herbert Hoover (1929-1933)

    He was known as a poor communicator who fueled trade wars and exacerbated the Depression.

    9. (tie) Richard Nixon (1969-1974)

    Though politically gifted, he will forever be associated with the Watergate scandal and his resignation.

    10. Zachary Taylor (1849-1850)

    A political novice, the war hero is entirely forgettable as president.

    Source(s): I don't think some of those guys should be included in that, so I'm going to try to find a better one.
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    In my life time it would be former president Jimmy "Hamas is not a terrorist group" Carter.

    Under him we had over 21% interest rates, over 10% inflation and unemployment rates. He also let the U.S. Embassy in Iran to be taken over and did nothing for the hostages. They were held for 444 days!

    We now have a man in office who is going back to those failed ideas and times.

    Former president Bush was not great but he was not even close to being as bad as Mr. Carter.

    The so called "historians" really need to step back from the hate that they have for Mr. Bush and see in 20 years rather than read the "un bias" media reports that are going on now.

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    Neocon's are on a frantic misinformation campaign to try to establish Carter as a bad president, since the small deficit under his administration so glaringly points out the problems with the huge deficuts under Reagan, Bush I and Bush II.

    Carter was a good President, and he restored trust in the government after Nixon totally destroyed it.

    And that's the same job Obama has been given - funny how history repeats itself.

    Source(s): Carter also didn't lie to the public and sell arms to terrorists the way Reagan did.
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    Bush, Reagan, Harding, Hayes & Fillmore

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    An official ranking was published yesterday. W was near the bottom but he wasn't last.

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    father bush and george bush, richard nixon, and andrew johnson.

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    At this rate Obama will be the worst by a large margin.

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    In my lifetime, kennedy, ford, carter, and bush jr.

    In four years I'll be adding obama.

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    After three weeks is there any doubt?

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    Obama failure since day one

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