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Does this study published in in the New England Journal of Medicine help quash this notion that...?

Modern Feminists have perpetuated regarding gender being a purely social construct?

This study was published in 2004 and studied 16 genetic boys who were born with a medical condition which inolved, among other things, under-development of their penises. The standard treatment recommended to parents was to raise the children as girls. Of the 16, 14 were raised as girls while 2 of the children's parents refused to rais them as girls.

They were then later reassessed and it was determined that the majority of the children were self-identifying as males and lived as males (just like their genes dictated).

Does this help put an end to this nonsense that gender is a social construct with no fundamental biologic basis that modern Feminists like to promote?

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    Anyone who believes that gender is a social construct obviously has a screw loose. Feminist will say and do anything no matter how ridiculous to further their dogmatic agenda. These baseless arguments are used throughout the feminist dogma and points out just how far they will go to achieve what they believe is equality. The feminist are contradictory in purpose and ideology. The fact we are having discussions about gender determination being anything other than genetic is unequivocally useless.

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    I find it deplorable on the parents part to accept to make their kids go through this horrendous 'experiment'.

    They were fortunate that these kids' genes led them.

    "Does this help put an end to this nonsense that gender is a social construct with no fundamental biologic basis that modern Feminists like to promote?"

    What's more deplorable in the US colleges is that kids learn that 'Gender is a social construct' Geography lectures.

    Source(s): 'Indoctrinate U' on YouTube = Must watch.
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    Can I please prepare you for the backlash you are about to receive from the hardcore feminist elite? You'll be hearing stuff like; "but that's just one study, what about the hundreds of feminists who have stated to the contrary over the years!" and when the inevitable truth finally dawns "feminists have said that al along; it's all a spin by the MRAs to make feminism look bad" etc.

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    You're forgetting that very few feminists have an even basic understanding of science. So the answer to your question is no. Feminists will continue to believe that gender is a social construct.

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    Yes indeed.

    Waiting for the spin doctors to take a stab at this.

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    So that gives you the right to force women into roles YOU see as "feminine?" Everybody should be themselves.

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    yes - no doubt about this

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