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I am a mixed race model.Why do i feel jealous of white girls.?

Hi, well i need to know why i'm feeling like this. Me and my guy are in a happy relationship with a child. we have no secrets from each other and things like, fancying people of tv are not a problem. but.... i'm mixed race black and white and he is white. and it seems that he only likes white girls. all his celebrity loves are white. and for some reason this makes me feel really insecure. i dont know why, i worry that ths miight be the same story in real life, when im not with him. it might be the fact that i feel that he might just be settling for a mixed race girl, but actually wants to be with a white girl as he was before we met.

On the other hand i feel really stupid and jealous, and i know i shouldnt feel so jealous. But anyone that i love from tv are white men, as my boyfriend is. i cant imagine that if i only liked black guys he would be very happy. I just fear this might lead to him to cheat on me, as maybe i'm not really what he wants.i no sometimes im being silly, but i just feel that if he is lusting after white women, maybe thats what he wants. His family are racist and when we first got together i felt that he was just with me to undermind his family. i just cant stop feeling jealous of white women, my mother is white and my son is 3quaters so its not a rasism issue. i always feel insuperor to white girls, that they are better and more attractive than me. i dont want to feel like this. My best friend is white and she wants to be me, she wants me hair and my skin colour and she thinks im crazzy for feeling like this. but i just dont know what to do, has any body else ever felt as i do?? xx

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    Most white girls are ego-tystical?! Jeez there's a generalisation if ever I heard one..thats bullshit! But anywho don't be daft..mixed race girls have the best of both and can be incredibly beautiful, he probably fancies more white girls because alot of the time people are attracted to their own kind - its human nature! I'm white and I would never find an asian man attractive nor would I generally find black men attractive but thats not to say if I met someone who I really liked and they happened to be black that I wouldn't fall for them and be extremley happy..its just that most of the time I find white guys more attractive - its probably the same for your boyfriend.. I wouldn't worry about it too much if I were you, it could ruin your relationship if u dwell on it - if ur feeling really brave sit ur fella down and explain your concerns and if he's worth having he'll tell u he loves u and that ur bein ridiculous and you can move on and focus on building your confidence! Good Luck :)

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    Unfortunately, I can't relate to your problem, but I can say that 99.9% of mixed race girls are incredibly beautiful!

    Black ladies are beautiful too...

    I think most white girls (I am white) are too ego-tystical... They love themselves too much.

    One thing I can definitely tell you - White girls get more spots than African / mixed race skin!!

    Be assured, your boyfriend is with YOU. Just because his celeb crushes are white doesn't mean he's going to cheat on you, and that he's just "settling" for you. He loves YOU!

    Chin up girl... Keep smiling.

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    dont feel like this its not because their white and your not, bet all the girls he likes on tv are slim aswell but doesnt mean he wouldnt like a girl of a size 12 does it. if he wanted to be with some one else then he proberly would be, beside white and mixed race girls in my opinion are the best looking in the world. ask him what he thinks of Rianna? bet he likes her ;) lol x

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