What exactly IS the stimulus package?

I'm writing an article for my school paper on the current state of the economy and the one thing I don't know about is the stimulus package. Would anyone care to explain it to me?

Thanks! :)


All I want is what the stimulus package is, not your opinions on it.

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    It is a big load of spending designed to hand money out so more people will vote Democrat. There is no real "stimulus" and it is a big lie to call it that.

    The best "stimulus" is H.R. 25 the FairTax act www.fairtax.org

    Your paper can compare monetary policy ( the fed reserve and interest rates) vs. Fiscal policy ( gov't spending) and Supply side ( leaving more money in the hands of those who earned it) as various ways to "stimulate the economy. So far Supply side hsa has the best long term results.

    You can find details on the"stimulus" government spending bill here:

    downloading enjoyment.

    http://www.rules.house.gov/111/LegText/hr1_legtext... - Division A - 31.9 MB

    http://www.rules.house.gov/111/LegText/hr1_legtext... - Division B - 876 kb

    http://www.rules.house.gov/111/LegText/hr1_cr_jes.... - Statment Div A - 13.9 MB

    http://www.rules.house.gov/111/LegText/hr1_cr_jesb... - Statement Div B - 32.4 MB

    $24 million for construction and repairs to US Department of Agriculture facilities

    $22.5 million for the USDA Inspector General for oversight on the stimulus bill

    $176 million for deferred maintenance on US Agricultural Research Service facilities

    $50 million to modernize and maintain the IT system of the Farm Service Agency

    $290 million for "Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations"

    $50 million for "Wastershed Rehabiliation Program"

    $1 billion for rural housing direct loans

    $10.4 billion for rural housing guaranteed loans

    $2.5 billion for rural distance learning, telemedicine and broadband

    $100 million in grants for National School Lunch Program equipment assistance

    $150 million in agricultural commodity assistance

    $1 billion for the Census Bureau

    $4.7 billion for "Broadband Technology Opportunities Program" which includes $350 million for the

    development of a "broadband inventory map"

    $650 million for Digital TV converter box program

    $220 million for Scientific research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology

    $360 million for Construction of scientific research facilities

    $230 million in extra budget money for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

    $600 million for NOAA "Procurement, Acquisition and Construction"

    $225 million in grants for programs to combat violence against women

    $2 billion in state and local law enforcement assistance grants

    $225 million in grants to improve the criminal justice system

    $225 million in law enforcement assistance to Indian Tribes

    $100 million for the "office for Victims of Crime"

    $125 million in law enforcement assistance for rural areas

    $50 million in state and local grants to combat internet crime against kids

    $1 billion for the COPS program

    $400 million in operations budget money for NASA

    $150 million for "Aeronautics" at NASA

    $400 million for "Exploration" at NASA

    $2.5 billion for research at the National Science Foundation

    $100 million for NSF "Education and Human Resources"

    $400 million for NSF "Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction"

    $1.4 billion in Army "Operation and Maintenance"

    $657 million in Navy "Operation and Maintenance"

    $113 million in Marine Corps "Operation and Maintenance"

    $1.09 billion for Air Force "Operation and Maintenance"

    $98 million for Army Reserve "Operation and Maintenance"

    $55 million for Navy Reserve "Operation and Maintenance"

    $39 million in Marine Corps Reserve "Operation and Maintenance"

    $13 million for Air Force Reserve "Operation and Maintenance"

    $266 million for Army National Guard "Operation and Maintenance"

    $25 million for Air National Guard "Operation and Maintenance"

    $75 million each for Army, Navy, Air Force "Research, Development, Test and Evaluation"

    $400 million for "Defense Health Program"

    $2 billion for Army Corps of Engineers construction

    $375 million for Army Corps projects on the Mississippi and tributaries

    $2.07 billion for Army Corps of Engineers "Operation and Maintenance"

    $100 million for "Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program"

    $1 billion for Interior Department "Water and Related Resources"

    $50 million for Central Utah Project Completion Act

    $50 million for California Bay-Delta Restoration Act

    $10 million to inspect canals in urban areas

    $16.8 billion for Energy Department, "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy"

    $5 billion of that goes for "Weatherization Assistance"

    $4.5 billion to improve the nation's electricity grid

    $3.4 billion for "Fossil Energy Research and Development"

    $483 million for "Non-Defense Environmental Cleanup"

    $390 million for "Uranium Enrichment Decontamination and Decommissioning Fund"

    $1.6 billion for "Science"

    $6 billion "Innovative Technology Loan Guarantee Program"

    $5.12 billion for "Defense Environmental Cleanup"

    $7 million for oversight of "Making Work Pay" tax credits and payments in this bill

    $80 million to implement health insurance tax credit plan

    $5.5 billion for the "Federal Buildings Fund"

    $300 million to buy energy efficient vehicles for t

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    1 decade ago

    The current state of the economy is quite poor, in reality it has shrunk. I totally agree with all the previous answers though. The stimulus package is the result of a completely democratically controlled government trying to fix an ailing economy.

    Excessive spending may seem like a quick fix in the short term but in the long term it destroys the strength of our economy. The credit and housing markets crashed because people who were not careful and did not plan (aka those living on credit and buying houses valued at double what they could afford) finally had what was coming. We are in a recession, and you can not blame it on the Bush administration. While some of those policies may have affected our country, the reality is, we are experiencing the results of the Clinton presidency. Democrats want to help everyone realize the American dream, there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is THE WAY they are trying to make this happen. Heavy taxes will burden you, a school age child, myself, a graduating college senior, and our parents retirement plans. Infrastructure spending is probably the only good fix I can pinpoint because our infrastructure is actually falling apart. If they want to spend money, spend it there. But bailout after bailout will do nothing.

    The media has exaggerated the whole situation. A few banks tanked, okay. Many years ago, THOUSANDS of banks collapsed. We are currently in a bad rut and people started to recognize this, so along came Obama with catch phrases of HOPE and CHANGE, appealing to the average and also UNEDUCATED Americans. He gathered up votes and spent almost a billion dollars in his effort to win. That my friend, is ridiculous and should be a good example of things to come. Tax cuts are in this stimulus but they are minor. People will live differently now, spend more wisely, and not live in excess.

    Those who work hard, achieve potential, and accomplish tasks at a professional level should be rewarded. Those who neglect ethics and expect the government to bail them out should be fired, it's that simiple.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    An excuse for the government to spend money on pet projects and handouts for organizations they want at the expense of the taxpayers

    Thats the simple answer

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is the biggest money give away that the dems could do right now.

    Not to worry they are gong back to the same well to finish off America

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    1 decade ago

    An illegal money grab by thieves in dc..Stim-less bill a way to bankrupt America--and dismantle our economic viablitity..

    If you want to read it all 1,000-since none of the congress or house did--then you'll know what's in it--while those who signed it--don't..

    read it yourself and stop asking us to do your homework for you----


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  • It's the government stealing our wallets and then putting a bill up our bvttholes.

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