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Why did Germany invade Poland in 1939?

Can you just tell me the basics.

I know it had something to do with the Nazi - Soviet pact.


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    It was about the expansion of the German state, they had already annexed Austria and Czechoslovakia and no one had stopped them Germany then attacked Poland thinking no one would step in.

    They had a non aggression pact with Russia to carve up Poland between them.

    AND i didn't cut and paste it from Wikipedia.

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    When Did Germany Invade Poland

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    I don't think it's very likely that the Allies would have sided with Germany, if only because Germany would have been unable to stop expanding in one direction or another. That was pretty much the whole raison-d'etre of the Third Reich (which, after all, means 'Third Empire', don't forget) - expansion. Anti-Semitism was not so dominant in the UK, France or the USA as to have allowed them to side with Germany. Remember also that Britain, for one, was extremely peeved with Germany before it invaded Poland - it had already annexed Austria and carved up Czechslovakia. The invasion of Poland was the last breach of many promises Hitler had made to the British, and hadn't kept. Remember, too, that the Allies didn't fight Germany to prevent the genocide of the Jews, which at any rate wasn't really underway in 1939. They fought Germany for the traditional reason European countries tended to form alliances with each other - to stop one nation, in this case an especially brutal and ruthless one, from occupying the whole of Europe.

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    Most of these explanations are plain pathetic and made up. So let me clarify a bit further. After ww1 Germany was taken away land areas in the east "East Prussia" with the biggest city being Danzig. The main reason is that Germany wished to get these areas back (as they were always german), however Poland denied any peaceful attempts done by Hitler to forge an agreement. Hitler knew that Poland was going to remain ignorant and therefor prepared the assault in advance, all though here has to be said that he waited an additional 10 days to possibly come to a peaceful agreement, It Did Not Happen.

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    during the time Hitler was gaining power, Britain and France basically just kept ignoring all Germany's invasions etc. but after allowing Hitler to invade other countries they basically told him that if he invaded poland they would declare war on Germany.

    the thing with the Nazi-Soviet pact was that, Hitler knew if he invaded Poland, Britain and France would attack from the west, so he made a deal with Russia (they were on the east side) saying that if they promised not to attack along with Britain and France, Germany would split Poland in half and share it between themselves and Russia.

    thats the very basic details of it i think. :)

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    Reading the first 10 pages of Mein Kampf makes Hitler's actions in the 1930s clear. Hitler was obsessed with uniting the German-speaking peoples into one nation. The Versailles Peace treaty had given Poland much territory that had been German before 1914, and this territory contained many Germans. The Polish government did not treat them well, and in any case it was central to Hitler's objectives to throw off the 'unjust' provisions of the Versailles treaty.

    Of course, there was also the advantage of taking over land for settlement by the expanding German population.

    Hitler's earlier invasions: the Rhineland, Austria and the Sudetenland, could all be seen as re-occupying territory that wanted to be German.

    A treaty of non-aggression was secured with the Soviet Union before the invasion. Hitler knew invading Poland could mean war with France and England, and he did not want to have to fight on two fronts, ie, against the Soviets as well.

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    1) To give Germans lebensraum (living space) in Eastern Europe. He had promised this in Mein Kampf and it was one of his aims in foreign policy.

    2) He thought that Chamberlain wouldn't stop him. hitler thought that since Chamberlain had backeed down at Munich Chamberlain wouldn't risk war and would back down over Poland.

    3) To defend the Germans in Poland. One of Hitler's main aims was Grossdeutschland (All Germans living in one country) he needed to invade Poland to fulfill this aim.

    4) To challenge the treaty of Versailles. The treaty was a source of resentment in Germany and by invading Poland would challenge the terms and gain support in Germany.

    5) To oppose communism. Poland was close to Russia and so Hitler intended to use it as a starting point for his invasion of Russia.

    6) Chamberlain had promised Poland British protection, which had infuriated Hitler. He wanted to invade Poland to teach Chamberlain a lesson.

    7) The Nazi-Soviet Pact. Only Stalin's army could stop Hitler taking over Poland. However with the Nazi-Soviet Pact Hitler was able to take over Poland without interference from Stalin.

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    Hitler was a great reader, a lunatic mind you, a lunatic who happened to like reading. He worshipped the English, admired the English people, saw British troops in action on the WW1 battlefields, and got the idea that Germany should have similar legions. The idea's behind the British Empire thrilled him, he saw what they the English had done, read about how they had put down rebellions, noticed they had built 'concentration camps for captured Boer troops in the South Afrcan war, and he knew by further reading all about the USA, and it's history. He was welll aware that the English are descended from a 2 German tribes called the Angles and the Saxons, this is why the English are k/as today as the Anglo- Saxons, and carrying on from this he imagined that Germany could follow a similar course in world history, all quite illegal mind you, but Hitler wasn't exactly a law abiding person.

    So gelling all these ideas together he dreamt up the SS, the Waffen - SS, the invasion of Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia and in 1941 Russia. He was out to create a United States Of Germany and invaded other nations in order to sieze their lands. In some respects what he was trying to do could have been done by takeover bids and treaty's, by peaceful means, but Hitler, Himmler, Goebells and Goering never imagined the people of the countries invaded 'would have welcomed being part of Germany, wanted greater prosperity, and were sick of fighting bitter poverty, poor public services and huge housing problems. Hitler attacked these nations as an enemy, he wanted Germans to rule, have the best jobs and farms, and expected to have to subdue unrest at the land seizures carried out. German troops were welcomed as bringers of new ideas, new prosperity, poltical stability, instead they ran riot, rounded up peaceful civilians including harmless law abiding Jewish peasants, the SS carried out reprisals, shot hostages and slaughtered large sections of quiet villages.

    A super state was well within Hitlers grasp, but guessing wrongly [attacking Stalingrad] and ignoring the basic laws concerning the welfare of mankind, then sending in the hated SS, meant he lost eveything. If you watch old newsreels you'll see German troops were welcomed as heroes, with flowers, bread and salt, within month;s they were the most hated animals on Earth. All i have mentioned here can be verified by reading Hitlers own book, he wrote it, called 'Mein Kampf.' You then need to read other books on Hitler and WW2. Read them, knowledge improves the mind, and impresses teachers and University admission staff. Bear in mind 9 out 10 students have not heard of Hitler, Churchill, Heydrich, or place like Auschwitz or Treblinka, dare to be different?

    Source(s): study.
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    The communist Bolsheviks were manipulating factions in Poland to murder Germans within Poland's borders for the purpose of luring Hitler into Poland to protect them and causing England and France to declare war on Germany. This was all cleverly arranged ahead of time by international Jewry which also held sway over FDR.

    George Patton realized at the end of the war America fought the wrong enemy and was assassinated to shut him up.

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    So they could control a buffer zone between Germany and Russia, and to have a jumping off point to attack Russia.

    What Hitler told Stalin and what Hitler really wanted were two different things.

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