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Can I get my provident fund back?

Hi Every 1!

I changed company 2 years back. Now I want to claim my PF which is with the previous company. If I submit form 19 signed by gazetted officer/notary but not with my previous employer, can I get my PF back? And also please tell me address of the EPF office in Bangalore.

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    I am not sure that we can get PF amount back without help of previous company but you can go to PF office to get more details. The address of Bangalore PF office you can get in

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    It is a fund created by the Govt. n maintained by the employers for the benefit of the employees.Both the employers n employees make equal monthly contributions to this fund .The fund is invested by the employers to earn on the deposited amount.The rate of interest on this fund is determined from time to tome by the govt. through the recommendations of a committee.The employees can with draw twice in a year to meet specified expenses.After retirement of the employees,the entire fund amount is given to them.

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