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Getting rid of termites, HELP !?

Here's the thing...I can't call a pro because I work on commission..Anyone who doesn't believe that we are in a recession NEEDS TO LOOK AT MY PAYCHECK !

It's obviously termites...In one room of my house, they have actually eaten the paper of the drywall between the drywall and the paint...So the paint is coming off and you can see little "paths" where they're eating !

I need help here...I've consulted a pro and they want $2,000 up front, and that's just for starters !

I'm seriously broke...I've been broke for over a year...My paychecks have literally been cut in half and there's no money...My credit card is maxed...

Is there a product out there that I can get myself to get rid of these house eaters ?

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    I am an exterminator in SC. Where do you live? 2000.00 is a very high estimate for a termite treatment.

    Let me first say that to get rid of all the termites a spot treatment of that one room will not work usually because the colony will find another area of your house to eat.

    To perform a proper termite treatment you will need the proper equipment such as a hammer drill to drill beneath slabs etc and a spray tank that can hold at least 50 gallons of diluted termiticide.

    It will take between 100 and 200 gallons of diluted termiticide to properly treat the house. Now with that said i understand your situation which will probably not allow you to treat it properly so i suggest first looking up the two best termiticides which are termidor and premise. You can try to purchase these and mix in a 1 gallon sprayer and apply as the label requires but again this will only slow them down.

    I would also suggest that you call pest control companies in your area and explain your position, ask them if they are willing to do a free treatment or greatly discounted treatment in exchange for media coverage. What do you think would happen if it was on the news that abc pest control is helping a consumer in need treat his house for termites. The exposure would more than pay for the treatment and everyone wins.

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    The product most of the pros use is called Termidor. You can buy it online. Make sure you follow the directions if you do-it-yourself. I recently had a termite treatment from AL HOFFERS and the expense wasn't too bad. Good luck. Compare prices using SHOPZILLA or BIZRATE.

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    I had a dream that I'd been violated for a pure and clean answer! This is getting ridiculous! Try cleaning with white vinegar and then spreading cucumber peels in the areas where the trolls have been. No, wait... that's for ants.

  • ouch! My real estate teacher thought us about termites and he said they like to eat the glue in the drywall b/c it has wood in it. if it's a infestation your only chance is a pro those things can cause a lot of damage!

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    Only expensive brands in liquid form. One is Chlorpiroyphus(or something like that) and the other one I can't remember. I've only ever used them in the garden, not directly in the home.

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    buy 5 honey jars medium size

    drizle some around the arear around were they are

    and honey is so sticky the all eat it and the honey blocks

    there intesins

    so they die a slow and painfull death

    good luck.

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