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reporting order and advice

reporting order and advice


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    1) Never touch my computer again! Order

    John ordered us not to touch his computer again.

    John ordered us to stay away from his computer.

    2) Get out of my office now! Order

    My boss ordered us to get out of his office then.( reported speech)

    3) Shut up and do your homework ! Order

    My mother ordered me to shut up and do my homework.

    My mother ordered me to stop talking and start doing my homework .


    4) You should study harder for your exam. A piece of advice

    My teacher advised me to study harder for my exam.

    5) You should quit smoking. A piece of advice

    My parents advised me to quit smoking.

    6) You should not spend too much time browsing around the net.

    My best friend advised me not to spend too much (of my)

    time browsing around the net. A piece of advice.

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    what do you mean by "reporting order and advice"?

    anyway, here's some sentences about reaporting and advice... i'm not sure if it's okay for you...

    1. "here's my advice, jay," said mandy, "stay away from him and don't tell anyone anything about it,"

    2. "how many people was injured, tom?" asked madam smith, "twenty, madam!" reported tom.

    3. "i don't need your advice, i don't need your help!" shouted lola.

    4. "i want you guys to be back here at 6pm, alright?" the teacher asked, "Yes!" replied the team.

    5. Advices from abroad indicate that war is about to begin.

    6. He gave orders to the workers that the job had to be done in three days.

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