How to extend my visa in SYD

I'm staying in Australia now and my tourist/visitor visa will expire on 14th April 2009 and over 1 year type.

We plan to apply the spouse visa on Oct 2009 by my partner.He is an Australian citizen.As per the requirement term that we need to stay together 12 months.

The Australia Immigration Dept. suggest me must go back to HK and apply the visitor visa again to return back to Australia.

I'd the finance difficulties now<since can't work in Australia and my boy-friend only support accommodation only!It's quite expensive both to look for a course as change to student visa or if I go back Hong Kong once to renew my visa!I've NO family in HK now!It needs to take 1 mth staying in HK for hotel!>

In this case, can give some info or advise how can I do???!!!

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    If ur visa expire and u don't going back . IMMI catch u and u will ban to come Aus 3 -5 yrs by law .also u need to carry ur visa until ur spoenr visa for IMMI. If u carry expire visa , u cannot applt any visa more. Also ur boyfriend need to AOS from for centre link for sponer . ur problems boyfriend cannot sponer u right now .

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    I think u canot try to apply for partnership visa first but u only have 50% chance to gain this visa . But u can stay in here around half and 1 yrs after u can wait for ur boyfriend or friend sponer ur married visa

    2009-02-20 12:55:50 補充:

    canot = can

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