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Dear xxx









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  • 呆子
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    Dear xxx

    sorry for your misunderstanding caused by our explanation.

    as for the products xxx needs, we have already revised the price and given an offer to him/her. thanks for your cooperation to cut down the price. I hope that xxx will place an order on us by holding a conference, then get the final result . we will inform you of this thing ASAP. no matter what the result is ,we will reply to you .

    as I asked for you to quote the goods(part no:456)last night, it is the goods that CCC wants to buy.we can not quote until you submit the related data to us.please give me the revised quotation (the quantity is the same as usual).

    I am glad to have this opportunity to work with xxx. I can not express my opinion with poor English. sorry for that. your consideration is deeply appreciated.*****

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  • 1 decade ago

    - Dear xxx

    i am sorry, i and my assistant (Lin) English very well, should be our description of the wrong, let you have misunderstood.

    xxx_close to the product is a result, after your price support, i would again quotation to xxx, hope i can XXX of order, but because XXX need to meet the resolution, i will later time with your return, regardless of the result is that as long as a, or together with b to together by you that the purchase, etc i get the most determined by the answer, will immediately with your reply.

    last night i told you to the quotation item 456, is the CCC this container may want to order products, you must have your quotation, i so you can start job.

    Please help, again for giving me a quote, the normal quote, that is usual i and you set the number of quotations.

    i understand, xxx is the support of our company, i am also very pleased to offer and xxx.

    but because my English very bad, also fear because i am not familiar with the English, causing your misunderstanding and misunderstanding, therefore no way and you have more exchanges, please forgive you.

    for my error Express, and you and your company's misunderstanding, please accept my 12 great apologies.

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  • 小球
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    Dear XXX,

    I have to say sorry about my poor English at first since it cause some misunderstanding between us on our previous conversation.

    In fact, xxx's enquiry is on product ooo and we have re-quoted them after getting your fully support on price reduction. Now we just wait and see their meeting conclusion about buying both A&B from us or not. Whatever their decision is, if there is any update, I will let you know soon.

    Besides that, I need you give me new formal quotation on P/N#456 that I have mentioned yesterday. The form is the same as before and it's required for CCC's container shipment this time. After got your quotation, we just can make shipment arrangement accordingly, kindly note, thank you.

    Finally, I have to say thank you on your always supporting. And it's my great pleasure to cooperate with you and your business. You always treat me friendly eventhough I am a poor guy in English. It makes me feel warm indeed, thank you again for both your treatment and understanding.

    Wish a great partnership between us in the future.

    Best regards,


    2009-02-19 18:05:25 補充:

    sorry, 第一段的cause請改caused

    Source(s): FYI and good luck to you!
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