Furthermore, we have finished the procedure of the transferring the full payment into your Bank Account, but you will need to SHIP the item out and send us the Tracking Number, for your SHIPMENT VERIFICATION so that we can be able to activate your Bank Account and the full payment of NTD 28.500.00 will be transfered and merited into your Bank Account from Royal Bank of Scotland®

So, you can now SHIP out your Buyer's ITEM{s} and send Royal Bank of Scotland® the Shipment Tracking Number in order to activate your bank account within the next 72 hours time, you will receive the Total sum of NTD 28.500.00 in your Bank Account within the next 72 hours of SHIPMENT VERIFICATION, , You will have to SHIP the item to the Buyer's Shipping Address provided below.

Thank you for using Online Banking System (Wire Transfer) As a Payments . We look forward to serving your online with better services in the future.

Please check the above information if they are correct as entered by our numerous customer .If you are having any problem with it just contact the transfer department at :

Note:Your account will be credited immediately upon confirmation of the details required by us moreover our customer cannot abort the transfer after you might have sent the tracking number to us.

Thank you for using Royal Bank Of Scotland

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    所以,現在,您可以運送了您的買家的項目( S )和發送蘇格蘭皇家銀行®的貨物跟踪號碼,以激活您的銀行帳戶在未來72小時的時間,您將收到總額在新台幣28.500.00您的銀行帳戶在未來72小時內裝運核查,您將有船舶項目買方的發貨地址如下。





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  • Dav
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    1 decade ago

    大大小心阿~! 這種是國外網路詐騙的標準手法.

    1). 告知賣家說買家已經匯款了.

    2). 請賣家立即將物件寄出去, 並將寄貨憑據的單號告知買家匯款的銀行, 然後銀行就會放款.

    這些都是騙人的, 等賣家寄出物品後, (假)買家及東西就再也難追回, 且錢根本就看不到的.

    小心~ 小心~ 千萬小心~!

    如果大大心中仍有疑問的話, 可以打電話165 給內政部警政署刑事警察局的反詐騙專線165, 諮詢網路警察, 便可以得到更完整的答案了.

    祝大大安全過關! 愉快!

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