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Baby names!! What do you think?

Im on my husbands profile, so excuse the

I am not pregnant yet, but I am trying, and have been trying. I am bored, and anxious so I am coming up with baby names. I am into very old fashioned things..I am obsessed with Buddy Holly and that sort of stuff, but also want a name that will not be too weird or ugly to be a target of bullies.

Here is what I have--


Jasmine(maybe Holly as a middle name?)

Holly Alivia (my name)


Clara Nicole(my middle name)



Zachary Tyler (too common?)

Payton Mathew

Payton Wesley(dads name)

Payton William(Grandpas name)

Charles Payton (Buddy Holly's first name!)

Wesley Ryan(Husbands name)


LOVE Preston mothers maiden name is James, so that could work!

Our last name is Smith by the way........if that helps in any way....

Update 2:

My dad's name is Wesley, and he is a very handsome guy..tall, bigger built, blond hair blue eyes, and from I have heard he was very popular in high school. He is good at every sport, and is very friendly. So, that is why I like the's not nerdy to me at all.

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    Oh they are all quite lovely! =)

    For Girls:

    They're very cute.

    Jasmine Rose/Alivia/Taylor

    Holly Nicole/Michelle/Irene/Elizabeth/Renee

    Lilah Paige/Nicole/Grace

    Clara Nicole (cute!) /Renee/Rachael/Marie

    Victoria Summer/Rayne


    MacKenzie Rose/Jo/Michelle/Faith

    Lyra Faith/Hope/Kathryn

    Annabella Raye/Skye/Nicole (She could go by Anna or Bella or Ella)


    Zachary Tyler sounds too common if you're going for more interesting names, but it's very cute.

    Payton William/Ryan/Wesley/Adam/Joseph/Alan


    Philihp Alexander/Langston (yeah interesting spelling for Philihp, but that's how I'd spell my kids name)

    Jayson Thomas/Alexander

    Nicholas Sterling/Landon/Joseph

    Jeremy or even Jeremiah, Douglas/Franklin/Ashton

    Jefferson Ryan/Samuel/Hunter

    Elijah Nicholas/James/Daniel

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you like old fashioned names why aren't there any female Bible names! What about Sarah and Ruth and Grace.....I love beautiful old names too. I really really really dislike the names Jasmine and Holly. They seem very empty and lame. Clara and Lilah are very feminine and beautiful on the other hand.

    Zachary is such a wonderful boys name. Very strong. Charles is also a good classic. Payton is generally more used for girls these days and Tyler is very very very over used. What about Charles Wesley, or Wesley Charles?

    Good luck getting preggo and have fun with the names =)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Holly Alivia sounds like 85 year old and is a potential target

    No offence Clara Nicole is hideoso

    Charles Payton sounds very pretentious

    Ryan,Tyler,Zachary, Mathew, Victoria and Jasmine are all played out.

    So the winner is:


    kinda cute, kinda sexy and kinda unheard of... very unique

    Also Lilah is cool

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  • 1 decade ago

    i like Holly Alivia and Lilah

    I like Payton Wesley and Wesley Ryan

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Girl - Lilah Holly Smith

    Boy - Payton James Smith

    hope you like them :)

    Source(s): Brandyn ;)
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  • 1 decade ago

    I like the names Holly and Payton

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  • 1 decade ago

    I love Jasmine and Victoria for girls! and for boys I really like Payton Wesley and Wesley Ryan!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I like Jasmine for a girl and Payton Wesley for a boy :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    well you can never exactly know until you see the baby,

    but i love them!

    old fashion names are always prettier,

    and that way your baby isnt like all the others

    i love the name lilah, maybe marie as a middle name?

    and the name payton is also a keeper! Personally I think it sounds great as peyton wesley.

    Just remember, its your baby, so experiment, and have fun!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Honestly, i don't really like any of the girls names alot. Lilah is ok. I love Zachary and Charles (only if he gets called Charlie though). Please don't call your son Wesley. No one popular is called Wesley. You'd be dooming him to be a nerd.

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