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effects of development on population?

population and development

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    Population obviously doesn't mean anything, because China is still struggling socially and economically, especially now since Americans have cut back significantly on the disposable goods consumption.

    Population needs development- Development doesn't need population (as much). As a nation is more developed, more jobs are available, the GDP is much higher, the population growth will even out or be just barely a positive or negative ratio, and the country's economy becomes very powerful.

    But if the population is huge, such as in China, it stunts development because of huge support costs that would otherwise be used to construct high tech factories and equipment for a stronger economy, but must instead rely on sweatshops making plastic toys for childrens' kids meals from McDonalds, which of course is no way to make any effective monetary gain with such an enormous population.

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    It is bad and good. Because, if the population is rapping so faster there would have shortage of food, shortage of water, there would have migrations, peace, etc

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    physical development is useless without social development.

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