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1999 Chrysler LHS stereo install with infinity sound system?

I have a 99 Chrysler LHS with the 9 speaker infinity amplified sound system, and I want to add the parrot 3200LS COLOR bluetooth kit, and later an aftermarket head unit. I ordered the MET BT1817 harness for the bluetooth, and I want to know what radio harness I need. I have been told it is the MET 70-1818, or the 1817.

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    The Metra BT-1817 contains the same harness you will need to install an aftermarket radio. The radio install harness is the 70-1817. The BT-1817 is a plug kit that contains the 70-1817 harness and the 71-1817 harness together in one package. (note: The 70-series harness plugs into the car and the 71-series harness plugs into the factory radio)

    Go to and look your car up and you can see pictures of all those harnesses to see what I am talking about.

    Source(s): I have been installing and repairing car audio and electronics including security and remote starters since 1983. That's 26 years experience.
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