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If U could Form a WWE Faction/Stable/Group?

Hmm plain and simple if u had the ability to form a faction whho would it consist of?

First id have some high flyers in a faction, we havent actuall seen one since the mexicools--- Mysterio, Evan Bourne, Brian Kendrick, and jamie noble would be dece..

Would def bring back a solid Huge Nation of Domination type faction--- Cryme Tyme, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, R Truth, and some1 new like Ezekiel Jackson..

A new innovative 'non gay' Unamericans team, since every1 always wants to chant USA--- Umaga, Khali(even though i hate him) Vladim Kozlov, Findlay, Mysterio..

Team Canada(not to steal from tna or anything)---- Edge, Christian, Chris Jericho--- would be my favorite

Kane, Taker and Boogeyman wold be fun and interesting..

Benjamin, Rvd, Kofi, and MVP would also be interesting

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    1) Rated Extreme Charisma:

    Edge, Christian, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Hurricane Helms, Eve Torres & Kelly Kelly

    2) The Quadrifecta:

    Beth Phoenix, The Miz, John Morrison and The Brian Kendrick

    3) VIP Entourage:

    Shelton Benjamin, Chavo Guerrero, MVP, R-Truth, Cryme Tyme, Ezekiel Jackson, Maryse & Melina

    4) Layfield Corporation:

    John Bradshaw Layfield, Mark Henry, Mike Knox, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, Layla, William Regal, Paul Burchill, Katie Lea Burchill & Michelle McCool

    5) Cena's Army:

    John Cena, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, Mickie James & Maria

    6) Giants of Destruction:

    Kane, The Undertaker & The Big Show

    7) Iconic Ring Warriors:

    Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rob Van Dam, Batista, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Tommy Dreamer & Trish Stratus

    8) Khali Foundation:

    The Great Khali, Kofi Kingston, Ricky Oritz, Carlito & Primo and The Bella Twins

    9) The Haas Factor:

    Charlie Haas, Vladimir Kozlov, Ryan Braddock, DJ Gabriel, Alicia Fox, Jesse, Festus, Kizarny, Jillian Hall, Goldust & The Boogeyman

    10) Team Kennedy:

    Mr. Kennedy, Finlay, Hornswoggle, Chris Jericho, Jamie Noble, Candice Michelle & Tiffany

    11) The Young Generation:

    Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, DH Smith, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase Jr., Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, Tyson Kidd & Natayla

    12) Santino's Nation:

    Santino Marella, Umaga, Manu, Sim Snuka & Rosa Mendez

    These twelve groups would make a great chemistry together.

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    Yes this is true. WWE has made another bad move because of the little kids wh do not want to see there hero beat up and get hurt. I think WWE are going to far with this PG rating thing and they need to come back to the old WWE that was here around 2006-2007. This is really making me angry and TNA is just rising up and I enjoy TNA way better now and always will until WWE will make a comeback

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    The Darkside Degenerates (Taker, HBK, HHH, Kane, Edge, Christian, Gangrel, X Pac, Road Dogg Billy Gunn, Chyna)

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    My faction would have high flyers like you but exrtreme matchs as well.

    I would have Evan bourne, Brian Kendrick, jamie noble, Jeff hardy umm, like matt when he was extreme bring back sabu as well. and if possibly petey williams he would be good.

    Canadaian team would be good but also i would have Test or something in there.

    a good stable... Cena (rapper), Orton (cocky), Tomko (the monster of the group) and Chris Jericho.

    Another would be a different stable kind.

    Benjamin, Morrison and Evan Bourne also Cm Punk.

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    Orton,Edge,Christian,Rhodes,Dibiase, and jericho.

    Orton wwe champ. edge world champ. Christian ECW champ. jericho intercontinental champ. Rhodes/Dibiase World tag champs.

    that would be a great faction.

    90 percent of the faction has held world tag team titles together at some point.

    orton and edge as Rated RKO. edge and christian as themselves.

    Christian and Jericho themselves. and Rhodes and Dibiase as priceless. i cant think of a better stable.

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    i would like to add tj wilson to the legacy

    mvp, cryme tyme, mickie and cena should all be in a group

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    A team, a powerful team called "L E G I O N!"



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