Shows similar to Avatar: The Last Airbender?

I just realized that I live to watch Avatar these days. I am totally, totally addicted to it. I started season 3 yesterday, and I have seen 2 episodes so far (with great self-control)..:]....

Anyway, the reason I like Avatar so much is because of the way it is made- It is perfect and has everything - twists, surprises, cool bending, characters with inner conflict with themselves, humor, love, Character changes are amazing (Jet, and I think Zuko might become good). The plot is perfect. Actually, this show is more than I could have dreamed of...

The point of all the history is to tell you guys what I really like. recently, I finished Full Metal Alchemist and that was pretty awesome too..except for the sad ending...I realize in a week or so, I am going to be through with Avatar, and I am pretty sad about it already....

Do any of you guys know any shows similar to Avatar based on what I like...Also, I like animes but not the subtitled ones...something which is fairly close to Avatar....preferably a more 'English' show like Avatar rather than the Japanese kind like Bleach. Just add a bit of summary too.

Also, No Spoilers from Season 3.

Thank you, anyone who answers.I really am grateful...I am going to come back after every half hour to check for an answer....Thanks so much..[:


Just wanted to add...Sokka's sarcasm is totally awesome. He's hilarious...:D

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    i adore avatar it has been my favorite show for years and was so sad when it ended. squees of epicness could be heard round the neigborhood.

    anyway, just before it was going to end i starting reading naruto. while it is not as good as avatar it is still amazing. there is less romance and a bit more action. i recomend reading the manga first (you can read it at i think it is a bit better then the anime.

    and yeah, sokka's sarcasm is totally awesome

  • Traci
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    5 years ago

    Um I dont know of any too similar but shows that I liked and watched after avatar were, DBZ, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, and Death Note If you liked avatar i'm positive you were will enjoy any of those shows, and yes they are in english dubs so you dont have to read

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    lol i used to love avatar!XD i saw it all though and then it was over... so i needed something new to watch! Im not sure if its similar to avatar but my second anime that i watched(after avatar) was death note, actually its not really at all like avatar but i loved both avatar and death note so i think you might like it. I guess you could find code geass similar to it and other animes that i recomend are soul eater and D. gray man

    again there not really like avatar but there are simularities like for example avatar had really good soundtrack- so does death note(my favorite soundtrack) and also they both have hints of comedy while remaining serious.

    hope i helpedXD

    and yes sokka is hilarious!

  • 7 years ago

    TTGL: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Just watch it. If you want character change, Simon is going to shock you dead. Good romance. Crazy f***ing good action. The animation and voices are great too.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Man that was a good show. I herd that Avatar is almost like Naruto. So i guess you should try Naruto.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    teen titans

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