Any jobs for MBA level graduates who want to settle down, not travel, not move? willing to sacrifice salary?

Everyone's pressuring me to work for Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Infosys- all these huge corporations which are going to move me from city to city, country to country. However, I don't want this at all, and I'm willing to sacrifice the salary, company profile, and job opportunities to do it. I'm willing to move pretty much wherever right now, but I just want to settle down, buy a house, and raise a family. I'd love to be in the Midwest, up to Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, Minnesota, Illinois- but I'm flexible. Problem is I can't find any jobs like this which would take a top MBA graduate from a ranked institution. Any ideas as to what type of places might be interested? I'm really regretting getting my masters degree because I feel like all it did was closed a ton of doors to what I want in life.

I've been saving a lot of money up the past few years, so even if it requires me to wait out the recession, that shouldn't be a big deal.

Ironically, they say I have tremendous leadership and Drive - I think I just have different priorities though.

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    There are plenty of jobs do you know any head hunters???? If you really feel like the MBA is holding you back drop it from you resume. Tell you future employer you took a few years off after your undergrad studies to travel around a bit. If you look hard enough you will find a way to have your cake and eat it too!!! Because, you can't be a fool getting and MBA from a top noch school!!!!!!!!!!!

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