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I have been living apart from my current husband for two years. After he and I separated, he began to break the law and use drugs. Arrest warrants were put out for him, but they were not able to locate him. I have moved on with my life and I would like to get divorced from him, once and for all. BUT, Ohio law states that both parties need to sign the paperwork and be present at the trial. I've also heard that there is a process where you can put some sort of ad in a newspaper and after a period of time, they will grant the divorce if they haven't heard from the party. Is anyone privy to this information? I'd like to know how to go about getting this type of divorce, so i can finally be rid of his name. Please give me any information you have and any links that may be of help. Thank you!

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    I do not know the law in Ohio but I do know that you can get the information you are asking for by asking a lawyer or checking in with the courts. I wish you lots of luck and a speedy release from this pig.

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    Contact Legal Aid for full details, but the info about the newspaper announcement is correct. The add is placed in the local newspaper in the area of your estranged spouses last known residence. They have a period of time to respond and then after no response and your appearance in court, you should be free of him.

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    From what I found, Ohio allows both no fault and fault based divorces. You can file a no fault divorce IF your spouse agrees to the irreconcilable differences. If he does not agree, then you will have to live separately for 1 year and then be able to file.

    If your marriage falls under any of the reasons for a fault based divorce: http://document-do-it-yourself-service.com/divorce... you could file for one.

    The only way you can place a notice of publication is if you file a missing spouse divorce. If you know where he is, then you are not eligible to file for one.

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    If she has no money, she will be eligible for a criminal help lawyer. She desires to get one now. And in basic terms because the police tell her something, that would not propose that that's authentic. police officials are human and they can make blunders, or it became accessible that she misunderstood what became stated. She desires that lawyer at contemporary and the first ingredient she desires to do is record for sole custody and divorce in accordance with his abandonment of her and the children (adultery too because he has a lady friend and there is not even a criminal separation in position). Then she archives for spousal and newborn help. because she is disabled, she "ought to" be able to get spousal help for existence (till she remarries) so she ought to inspect this. Oh, and the lawyer can tell her how she will legally shop her husband out of the marital residing house. sturdy success...and make helpful your pal calls criminal help immediately.

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