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Classic Yahoo Homepage or Old Yahoo Homepage?

People are very confused and dont want the new yahoo homepage. I am also one of them. Yet some dont know how to resolve the issue. What do you do?

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    Well, you'll notice before as always in the address bar, there is only www.yahoo.com. When you get the New Yahoo Homepage its= m.www.yahoo.com. So you try to remove the letter m from the www.yahoo.com part, right. It doesnt solve it.

    What you do is turn on disc cleanup and remove all temporary files.

    Then go into Internet Options and Delete Browsing History Files (cookies, temp files, form data, passwords, history.) Its basic internet stuff your dealing with.

    After all clean-up is done, go to the Address Bar and type in www.yahoo.com. It should direct you to the Old Yahoo or Classic Yahoo Homepage. Hopefully that solves the problem.

    I dont know why yahoo cant't get the message, we just dont want your new web page. aw-ight. That should stick it to the man.

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    The thing is, the page Yahoo had that didn't have that "connections" deal on it is no longer available, no matter which of the two applications you mentioned you have.

    It's simply what Yahoo does. They change their pages every so often, never asking our opinion, likes or dislikes.

    Believe me, I hate it too, but there's nothing we can do about it. After all, Yahoo IS free.

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    classic yahoo homepage

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I hate new yahoo finance home page. Wish I can get it back. Now I switch to msn.

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    { want old Yahoo back as home page

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    go to att.yahoo.com

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