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how to immigrate in south korea the fastest way?

help please

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    Immigration to Korea is probably harder than immigration to any other OECD country. Korea does not give permanent residency unless you are extremely rich or married to a Korean.

    If you are really dedicated, you can live in Korea for several decades scrimping and saving at one-year contract jobs, until you have saved 500,000,000 won, then you can open a business with that money using a D-8 visa and eventually get permanent residency that way. I figure that an English teacher doing this very carefully, saving most of what he earns, could get Korean PR within 25 years. Or you can come in with 5,000,000,000 won and get instant permanent residency.

    You can also marry a Korean, and this is the route that the vast majority of immigrants take.

    Besides permanent residency, it's possible to apply for citizenship if you have lived in Korea for at least five years, but this is almost never granted, and you can look forward to naturalization tests in Korean, an assessment of your Korean language level, immigration officers checking to see if you've made a contribution to Korean society, etc. AND THEN you might get drafted into the military to serve your two years. However, it is highly unlikely that, even after passing all the tests, they'd choose to give you Korean citizenship, unless you were a professor or doctor or something like that.

    In short, immigration to Korea is much harder than immigration to Singapore, Hong Kong, or even Japan, and while I have never met a Korean PR holder, I have met MANY permanent residents in Hong Kong, Japan, and I also know Singaporean permanent residents. I personally recommend that if immigration is your goal, you check out another OECD Asian country instead -- Korea is NOT immigration friendly.

    However, ignore everything I just said if you have Korean blood. Permanent residency for ethnic Koreans is instant. Korean-Americans get immediate F-4 status (permanent residency) and Korean-Chinese are often eligible for H-2 status (not permanent residency, but if they live in Korea long enough, they can achieve permanent residency after the H-2).

    Source(s): Battled Korean immigration for nearly five long years.
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    Immigration To South Korea

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    Make a pen pal, visit her, marry her, and settle down with your spousal visa in South Korea.

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    Just call the nearest American center in Korea

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    dont be a illegal immigrant

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